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Friday, May 24, 2024

Small plane crashes into wheat field

Two men were confirmed dead on Tuesday after the small plane they were flying reportedly went into a spin, dove behind some trees and crashed into a field at Holmestrand, southwest of Oslo.

Witnesses said the two men on board, aged 47 and 48, had performed some “acrobatic tricks” in the air before they ran into trouble. “The plane flew over us and made a round, then flew up in what looked like a loop,” Magnus Andersen, who works at a nearby company, told state broadcaster NRK. “But then it looked like the pilot wanted to fly straight up, until the motor didn’t manage the ascent again.”

Andersen said the plane began to sail down before it went into a spin that it didn’t come out of. “It disappeared behind (some) trees and we heard the motor restart and then there was a bang,” Andersen told NRK.

Several children at a nearby school that had just started up after the summer holidays were also witnesses to the crash. Local officials in Holmestrand set up a crisis team to talk with all witnesses including the children.

Police said there were just the two men on board, flying in Tuesday’s clear and sunny weather. Norway’s accident investigations board arrived at the scene of the crash Tuesday afternoon. staff



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