Artwork prompted airport evacuation

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A small piece of ceramic artwork, shaped like a grenade, prompted police and security guards to evacuate the new terminal at Bergen’s Flesland airport on Wednesday. The artwork set off alarms during luggage screening.

The ceramic, which was painted with small Norwegian flags, was packed in a suitcase and shaped so much like a grenade that police didn’t want to take any chances. The “suspicious object” led to the evacuation that lasted around 40 minutes before passengers and employees were allowed back into the terminal building.

The person who had checked the luggage was quickly identified and could explain that it was part of an art project. The evacuation itself “went very quickly,” according to Dag Olav Sætre of the Vest Police District.

An airport official said disruption was minimal: “It was the middle of the day with little traffic. One flight was a half-hour or 45 minutes delayed but other than that there were no major traffic consequences.” staff