Seafood sales set another record

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Consumers around the world seem to have an insatiable appetite for Norwegian salmon and other seafood. Producers all along the coast exported NOK 94 billion (USD 12 billion) worth of seafood in 2017, setting another record after years of stunning growth.

“It was the year of all years,” claimed Norway’s national seafood council. Its numbers won’t be official until January 8, but the council’s seafood analyst Paul Aandahl told state broadcaster NRK he’s expecting another increase, of around 2.5 percent, over sales in 2016, which also had set a record.

Aandahl drew his conclusions after studying weekly sales statistics and expectations for December. Export volume rose by arond 6 percent, to 2.6 million tons. Norwegian seafood remains the country’s second-biggest export industry after oil and gas. staff