Police search for missing mother of two

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Police in the small Norwegian town of Brumundal in Hedmark County got assistance from civil defense forces and state investigators during the weekend, as they searched for a 36-year-old mother of two who’s been missing since a holiday party on the night of December 28.

The woman, Janne Jemtland, disappeared from her family’s home after she and her husband had come home in a taxi from a neighborhood party. He reported her missing Friday morning December 29 and has criticized police for not reacting immediately.

Police confirmed at a press conference on Monday that that they had not understood his report as “acute or especially worrisome, and no search was launched that day. When we got a new call from the man the day after, we hit the button and a search was launched immediately.”

More than a week later Jemtland remains missing. Police launched a criminal investigation after finding two blood stains, one on January 4 in the snow along along a local road and another nearby on January 6. Both locations are around 11-12 kilometers (six-seven miles) from Jemtland’s home but analysis at Oslo University Hospital confirmed the blood came from Jemtland. Her mobile telephone was registered, meanwhile, as being in the center of Brumundal just before 6am on Friday December 29.

Police initially thought Jemtland had been hit by a car but now their probe is shaping up as a murder investigation. They were searching a farm near where the blood stains were found on Sunday and Monday this week, while a crisis team was looking after her family.

newsinenglish.no staff