Man killed in fall from mountaintop

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A man in his 40s was confirmed to have been killed Wednesday evening after hiking up to the top of a mountain in the county of Møre og Romsdal, and then suffering a bad fall.

The fatal accident occurred atop the mountain called Rørsethornet near Midsund west of Molde. “The man has probably fallen from the top of the mountain’s horn” and then plunged to his death, operations leader Arild Reite of the local state police told state broadcaster NRK. “It’s not certain what happened and why he fell.”

Reite said the man was hiking with other family members in the unusually good summer-like weather.  A rescue helicopter was sent to the scene immediately, where a doctor confirmed he’d been killed. Family members were notified and the man’s body was carried from the site at around midnight. Those witnessing the fall were being cared for by a local crisis team. staff