Tourists caught in ‘chaos’ on Rhodes

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Around 1,000 Norwegians on holiday in Greece were among those stranded by reportedly “technical problems” at the airport on Rhodes Sunday. They resorted to sleeping on the floor of the terminal and in hotel lobbies, while they waited to head home.

“We can’t promise anything, but I hope and think that they’ll all get flights out today,” Siri Røhr-Staff of package tour firm Ving told state broadcaster NRK on Monday.

Conditions were said to be chaotic at the Rhodes airport, where some groups of Norwegian tourists were sent to Turkey. Many weren’t allowed entry, because of strict Turkish rules regarding passport expiration dates, and were then sent by bus to a ferry terminal and back to Rhodes.

“Hopefully we’ll also get them home today,” Røhr-Staff told NRK.

The hotel lobby where more than 600 Ving passengers were sent was also chaotic, with long lines at its restroom that couldn’t handle all the unexpected overnight guests. Another flight with Norwegian tourists bound for Rhodes on a trip organized by charter firm Apollo was redirected to Crete, where they were still awaiting transport on to Rhodes on Monday. staff