Widerøe threatens route cancellations

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The Norwegian airline serving small airports around the country claims that a new airline passenger tax can result in major cuts in service to outlying areas. It’s threatening that routes in Finnmark and along the West Coast can be especially affected.

The government’s recently proposed state budget includes new methods of calculating the tax that’s long been fought by the airlines. Instead of the current tax of NOK 83 (around USD 10) plus Norway’s 25 percent VAT, passengers will now be charged NOK 75 plus VAT for flights within Norway and the rest of Europe and NOK 200 plus VAT on tickets to other destinations around the world.

Widerøe complains that the changes are too small, with its short-haul routes still being charged as much as a ticket from Oslo to the Canary Islands, for example. It had hoped for much lower taxes on its domestic routes.

newsinenglish.no staff