Damage reports filed after NATO exercise

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More than 500 reports of property damage have been submitted to the Norway’s defense department following NATO’s huge Trident Juncture exercise that ended last week. Farmers, including many in Hedmark County, are among those filing compensation claims.

Erling Aas-Eng, leader of the farmers’ organization Hedmark Bondelag, told newspaper Aftenposten that around 500 claims for damage and “unwanted incidents” were filed during the exercise. Most involved damage to cultivated land caused by heavy military vehicles.

Other claims involve damage done to local forests and infrastructure, along with 88 cases of oil spills. The military had expected hard frozen ground, but mild temperatures in many areas resulted in damage to ground that was soft.

News bureau NTB reported, meanwhile, that a public opinion poll conducted for the defense department indicates that 68 percent of Norwegians questioned were positive to the allied training in Norway, up from 65 percent before the NATO exercise began.

newsinenglish.no staff