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Monday, May 20, 2024

Man goes amok on night train

A Norwegian man in his 30s spit at passengers and was thrown off the night train from Bergen to Oslo in the mountain town of Nesbyen, where he frightened residents of a nursing home, threatened a firefighter and then distrupted train traffic by standing on the tracks.

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported Friday how the man made a nuisance of himself during the night. Police received three separate calls for help from people feeling a need to be protected from him.

The conductor on the train was the first to call police at 2:35am, reporting that an unruly passenger had been thrown off the train at Nesbyen, at the northern end of the valley of Hallingdal.  Then came a call at 3:10am from the local nursing home in Nesbyen, with complaints about a man who was waking up elderly residents and frightening them. Then he set off a fire alarm, and when firefighters arrived, the man chased them and tried to hit them with a coffee pot.

Police got another call at 3:30am, that the same man had turned up back at the train station in Nesbyen, where he broke windows before deciding to stand in the middle of the tracks, halting traffic.

On Friday morning he was under arrest and in custody at the police station in Drammen. “He was high on some kind of drugs, we don’t have the details yet,” Øystein Eikedalen, operations leader for the Southeast Police District, told NRK. “But this was completely unacceptable behaviour. He’ll be charged with what happened during the night, and be held responsible for the damage he caused.”

NRK reported that the man has a police record and that a warrant already was out for his arrest by the West Police District. staff



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