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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Russian terrorist changes his story

A 20-year-old Russian held on terrorist charges in Oslo has suddenly withdrawn the full confession he gave police after stabbing a random victim last week. Now he claims he never meant to carry out a terrorist act or kill anyone.

Police and even the young man’s own defense attorney appear baffled by the case. The 20-year-old had stated, after stabbing a young woman in an Oslo grocery store, that he “wanted to kill several people” and that “all Christians deserve to die.”

“Now he’s completely moving away from his earlier statement of motives,” his defense attorney, Ola Lunde, told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). He also has freed Lunde of confidentiality between lawyer and client.

“He wants me to report what he’s now saying,” Lunde told NRK. “He says something simply came over him, and told him he had to kill. We recognize schizofrenia here. It’s clear that he’s not healthy.”

The alleged terrorist has also now distanced himself from IS and other terrorist organizations.  At the same time, however, Lunde said the young man from a southern republic in Russia has shown no signs of regret or sympathy for his victim.

Lunde said it’s now been established that his client flew from Moscow to Stockholm and then fell asleep on a bus, winding up “coincidentally” in Oslo. He has claimed he came from a very poor background, so it remains unclear how he financed his travel. He’s been ordered held in custody in Oslo and will also undergo psychiatric testing. staff




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