Teens suspected of vandalism in Trondheim

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Four Trondheim teenagers, two boys and two girls aged 14 and 15, are suspected of being behind a wave of extensive vandalism at local schools. Some schools have had to close, with damage estimates climbing into the millions.

Police confirmed on Thursday that the four minors have been called in for questioning and “conversations” at the local police station. They’ve been arrested on suspicion of vandalism at the Strindheim, Bispehaugen, Ila, Charlottenlund and Dagskolen at Lade in Trondheim.

Arve Nordtvedt, local police station chief, told state broadcaster NRK that investigations and evidence “have led us to these teenagers.” Vandalism and threats of violence have been a problem for montbs, with damage so severe at the Strindheim and Bispehagen schools that several students had to be transferred to temporary locations at other schools.

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