Nuclear reactor’s fate unclear

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Norway’s nuclear reactor at Kjeller northeast of Oslo may be shut down on a permanent basis. A safety check revealed serious damage to the reactor, which dates from 1951.

The reactor, originally built for research purposes, is the last of Norway’s two reactors after operations at the Halden reactor ended last year. Both have been run by the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) but in January, IFE postponed the Kjeller reactor’s start-up because of corrosion on several components.

Inspections show a need for “extensive and costly improvements,” according to IFE, leaving the Kjeller reactor in “shutdown mode” for now. IFE’s chief executive Nils Morten Huseby confirmed to magazine Teknisk Ukeblad that permanent shutdown is under consideration.

See IFE’s own status report on the reactor here (external link to IFE’s website). staff