Young woman died from rabies infection

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A Norwegian woman in her 20s who was bitten by a dog while traveling in Southeast Asia two months ago died Monday night. Hospital officials confirm that the woman was infected with the deadly rabies virus.

She’s the first person to have contracted rabies on the Norwegian mainland since 1815. Rabies is extremely seldom on the Scandinavian peninsula.

The woman was originally from Hordaland but lived in the county of Sogn og Fjordane. She died at the hospital in Forde, where she’d been in intensive care since last week.

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that she was bitten by a dog while on a tour of Southeast Asia two months ago. The hospital wasn’t alerted to her case until last Thursday, when she was admitted after falling seriously ill. Test results confirmed the rabies virus on Saturday.

There were several other Norwegians in her tour group from various places around the country. All of them have been alerted to her rabies infection and are being followed up by their local health care centers. staff