Dead wolf was poisoned

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Police in eastern Norway have confirmed that a dead wolf found floating in a lake in the small community of Åsnes in Hedmark was poisoned. Wolves have also been found poisoned earlier in the same area, and police are calling the incidents “extremely serious.”

They’ve also found bait laced with the poisonous chemicals contained in antifreeze liquids. The wolf found dead in the lake contained the same chemicals.

“Poisonous bait also poses great damage potential for both wild animals and dogs, and can cause terrible suffering after consumption,” prosecutor Einar Gauslaa Bergem told state broadcaster NRK on Wednesday.

He said police have no suspects but were asking residents to be especially observant and report any suspicious discoveries of meat left lying out in the nature. The area is home to a wolf pack that has sparked complaints from local farmers and residents who feel threatened by wolves in the area. Wolf hunting is restricted but already underway this winter. staff