Happy holidays to all of our readers

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Prime Minister Erna Solberg is likely among those hoping to enjoy a few days of “julefred” (Christmas peace) this week, after a particularly turbulent year. Grey and rather gloomy, rainy weather over much of the country wasn’t helping much to boost holiday spirits, but many including Solberg could at least take some time off.

These photos were taken when Solberg, her husband Sindre and even Queen Elizabeth gathered in connection with the NATO summit in London earlier this month. At left in the photo below is German Chancellor Angela Merkel and to the right of the queen in the background is Romanian President Klaus Werner Iohannis.

 It was never revealed what Solberg was saying that seemed to grab the queen’s attention. As Norwegians were literally ringing in julaften (Christmas Eve) Tuesday afternoon, however, and the news flow slows with nearly everything closed until Friday, we’d like to grab the opportunity to wish our readers en riktig god jul. Happy holidays!

newsinenglish.no staff