Power failure hit Trysil ski resort

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More than 11,000 people lost electricity in Engerdal and in the popular ski resort town of Trysil in eastern Norway on Sunday. The power failure also left ski lifts standing still.

The power went out around noon, and was sorely felt by hotels and the ski resort at Trysil, which is full of tourists during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Lots of private customers and hytte owners also lost their electricity.

Resort operator Skistar used a diesel power supply to run the chairlifts long enough to get everyone off of them. Some of the lifts carry six people in each chair, and they were left dangling until the system was temporarily cranked into action.

Local power company Eidsiva blamed the power outage on an error in a regional network serving 9,000 customers. That number was later boosted, but power was eventually restored in both Trysil and Engerdal after two- to three hours.

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