Summer to return after heavy rain

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The past few days of sunny and warm summer weather in much of Norway was due to be interrupted on Thursday afternoon by a freak storm rolling in from England, warned state meteorologists. They advised against planning to grill dinner outdoors.

State weather officials sent out a warning for strong winds, pouring rain, thunder, lightning and even some hail for most of southeastern Norway, plus Telemark and parts of Trøndelag.

The heavy rain could last for up to three hours, and was due to have large regional variations with the weather changing suddenly. The weather forecasters were uncertain exactly where the worst of the storm would hit, but told news bureau NTB that it “most probably” would hit areas north of Oslo and southeastern Trøndelag.

The storm would pass, though, with sunshine and temperatures as high as 28C in some parts of Sørlandet and 26C in Østlandet. staff