Three charged in anti-Islamist’s death

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Three Norwegians in their 30s, 40s and 50s have been arrested and charged in what police believe is the murder of the anti-Islamist Dan Eivind Lid in Kristiansand earlier this month. Police don’t think, however, that the murder was politically motivated.

Lid was found dead in his apartment in the southern Norwegian city on the afternoon of October 3. Lid had been active in the anti-Islam organization SIAN and took part in its public demonstrations.

After reviewing a preliminary autopsy report, police determined that Lid was murdered. All three charged in the case have police records and prior convictions, and may have been involved in buying a sawed-off shotgun from Lid. Local newspaper Fædrelandsvennen reported that Lid had told a friend that he planned to sell such a weapon, and that someone would come pick it up at his home not long before Lid’s body was found. staff