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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Winter storm rages over Northern Norway

Norway’s northernmost region of Finnmark was largely cut off from the rest of the country on Monday after a severe winter storm with strong winds and snow forced the closure of nearly 60 roads including the main E6 highway. By Monday night, the storms had also knocked out power to around 1,600 residents.

Kjøllefjord and Mehamn were among communities left in the dark, reported state broadcaster NRK. The power went out around 4pm and Gamvik Mayor Alf Nordmann Hansen was worried about those who had no alternative to electric heat. Temperatures fell to around minus-22C. Only the local nursing home and some other care homes had generators to provide light and heating.

The state highway department had earlier reported lots of road closures from Lofoten in the southwest to Sør-Varanger in the northeast. The only access to eastern Finnmark was through Finland, but many roads there were also closed by snow drifts and high winds.

Around 200 people remained isolated along the Alta Fjord after several avalanches along County Road 8830 between Storekorsnes and Mikkelsby Saturday night. Local officials said they didn’t think roads would reopen until Thursday. staff



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