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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Crow vandalizes cars in Oslo

Residents of a housing complex at Tveita in Oslo have been all but terrorized in recent weeks by an angry crow. The large bird has targeted their cars parked in an outdoor lot, hacking away at their mirrors, pecking dents in their hoods/bonnets and tearing off windshield wipers.

Things got worse when one resident tried to scare the bird away. “Crows are smart, territorial and keen to take revenge,” Jo Anders Auran at the state environmental agency Miljødirektoratet told newspaper Dagsavisen, adding that they can live for 20 years. “They’re not birds you want to provoke.”

No one is sure why the crow started attacking the cars, but Auran wasn’t surprised. “They’re viewed as relatively intelligent and social opportunitsts,” he said. “They’re social and cooperate in flocks to find food, they often sleep together and warn others of potential enemies. That’s why they manage so well in urban areas.”

If they feel someone has offended them,” he added, “they’ll seek revenge.” In this case, the crow seems to feel the cars and/or their owners had invaded its territory. staff



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