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25.8 C
Monday, June 24, 2024

More warm weather sets in

Another blast of unusually warm weather was setting in over Southern Norway on Wednesday, and set to turn into a heat wave. Anyone tempted to wear shorts to work, meanwhile, may be told to go home and change.

State meteorologists were forecasting daytime temperatures of up to 30C or even higher in several areas of southeastern Norway. While rain continues to pound the western and northern coasts, and set off flooding, the sun is expected to keep shining brightly around Oslo and the surrounding area for several days.

“We’re getting a high-pressure system over us that can mean five to six days with temperatures over 25C,” weather expert Rafael Escobar Løvdal told state broadcaster NRK on Tuesday. It can also stay warm through the night, with temperatures over 20C.

Farmers in the area were finally happy, forecasting bumper crops of grain in the area around Drammen. A lack of rain in West Telemark was worrisome, however, while farmers are being all but flooded out in Western- and Northern Norway.

Those who’ve ended their summer holidays and returned to work, meanwhile, can legally be met with a dress code that can force employees to cover up despite the warm weather. More liberal employers including bar owners are nonetheless allowing their bartenders to wear shorts and even only bikini tops. staff



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