Step inside Oslo’s new ‘MUNCH’

PHOTO FEATURE: Overwhelming and long overdue, Oslo’s newest landmark to house the works of Norwegian artist Edvard Munch is finally opening to the public this weekend. The huge collection of Munch’s own work that the city inherited in 1944 is finally getting the exhibit space it deserves. It took the City of Oslo nearly 80 years […]

Munch’s ‘Madonna’ revealed sketching

A new infrared examination of Norwegian artist Edvard Munch’s famed Madonna has revealed how Munch did some sketching on the canvas before he started painting. The exam was carried out on the National Museum’s own version of the iconic work. Under its surface, conservators Thierry Ford and photographer Børre Høstland could detect sketching that could […]

Norwegian art drew record-high prices

An auction of classic Norwegian art in Oslo this week drew bids that quadrupled some assessed values, and resulted in a new “world record” price for a 173-year-old painting by Hans Fredrik Gude. Auctioneering firm Blomqvist described the bidding as nothing less than “fantastic.” The auction, which had to be held digitally because of Corona […]

‘Sensational’ Gude art on the block

A largely unknown landscape painting by one of Norway’s most famous artists, Hans Fredrik Gude, is suddenly on the market after not being publicly seen for 173 years. That’s stirred “quite a sensation” for an upcoming auction of classic Norwegian art. Originally called Norwegische Landschaft (Norwegian Landscape), it was painted the same year that Gude […]

Royals adorn ‘real’ homes nationwide

PHOTO FEATURE: So much for all the recent hype about uncluttered Norwegian design, architecturally spectacular homes in Norway, and criticism of the Norwegian monarchy. A new book offers rare insight into how Norwegians really live, and how affection for the royals through generations is reflected in homes from north to south and in between. The […]

Melgaard to meet mother in court

The 88-year-old mother of Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard has reportedly grown weary of disagreements with her son over money, ownership of art and a condominium in Oslo. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reports that the two, both armed with high-profile attorneys will now meet in an Oslo court, to settle alleged differences. “There has, for a […]

Street artist’s Assange painting disappeared

The Norwegian artist who goes by the initials AFK mounted another politically charged painting in Bergen over the weekend, this time depicting a tortured Julian Assange. It didn’t last long, and was gone by Monday morning. The painting showed Assange dressed like prisoners in Iraq who were mocked and harassed by US troops. Assange’s leaks […]

Postal service issues new Vigeland stamps

Norway’s postal service has issued two new stamps to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland, the man behind all the statues in Oslo’s Vigeland Park at Frogner. Two of Vigeland’s most iconic sculptures were chosen for the stamps, with the angry little boy called Sinnataggen adorning a stamp for postage […]

Norway hails its sculptor Vigeland

Gustav Vigeland, billed as Norway’s greatest and most prolific sculptor, would have turned 150 on Thursday, and that’s not going unnoticed in his homeland. Oslo’s Vigeland Museum is at the center of wide-ranging, national celebrations aimed at highlighting new perspectives on the man and his art, whose sculptures still attract more than a million visitors every […]

National Gallery draws thousands before closing

Lines have been forming outside Norway’s popular National Gallery, with fans keen to visit one last time before it closes on January 13. Its collections that include many of the country’ most cherished paintings will be moved to the new National Museum, due to open in 2020. “The huge interest is likely a combination of […]