‘Several’ charged in attack on publisher

Norway’s state police unit Kripos has charged “several” people in connection with the attempted assassination of William Nygaard in 1993. Nygaard headed Oslo publishing firm Aschehoug at the time and the attack was tied to Nygaard’s decision to publish a Norwegian version of Salman Rushdie’s book Satanic Verses. That made Nygaard a target following a fatwa (death […]

Late author defied the literary elite

Margit Sandemo wrote nearly 200 books that sold an estimated 37 million copies, and she long ranked as one of Norway’s most popular authors. Her death last week at the age of 94 was mourned by fans in a dozen countries, some of whom scoffed at the fact she was never recognized by Norway’s literary […]

Nesbø recovering at local hospital

Jo Nesbø, Norway’s multi-talented artist and best-selling author, had to be admitted to a local hospital this week following an “acute illness.” It forced cancellation of the concert he planned to take part in with his band Di Derre in Skien, Telemark County, this weekend, but he was reportedly recovering on Friday. Telemarksavisa was the first […]

Norwegian released from arrest for terror financing

UPDATED: A Norwegian man who worked for a French company in Syria was arrested while changing planes at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris last week. He was charged with financing terrorism after allegedly paying off terrorist groups in the area around the French company’s plant, to ensure its safety, but was later released. […]

Stoltenbergs delve into family’s loss

Nini Stoltenberg was the daughter of top Norwegian politicians and the sister of a prime minister, who now heads NATO, and a doctor who leads Norway’s health directorate. They’re still wondering, along with many others, how she could have become a heroin addict who died at an early age, so her father asked one of […]

Norway loses a seafarers’ hero

Jon Michelet was a journalist, newspaper editor, local politican, labour activist, TV anchor and, most of all, a best-selling author who won lots of awards. Many Norwegians  were thus mourning his death from cancer during the weeknd, but heartened that he’d managed to keep writing to the bitter end. That meant that he also managed […]

Filming re-enacted July 22 terrorist attack

Downtown Oslo was once again the scene of howling sirens, flashing blue lights, armed soldiers and terrified, injured people running for their lives during the weekend. It was all part of the filming for a new Netflix production that brought back bad memories for more than a few passersby. “I think this is much too […]

Poor reviews don’t dampen ‘Snowman’ sales

Cinemas in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim are reporting strong sales of tickets for the new film version of Jo Nesbø’s crime novel Snømannen (The Snowman), despite the ice-cold reception the film has received from critics. Cinema directors don’t think the poor reviews will kill off interest. “We’ve sold 16,000 tickets so far,” Jannicke Haugen of […]

‘The Snowman’s’ meltdown spreads

UPDATED: Norwegian critics’ frosty reception of the film version of Jo Nesbø’s Snømannen (The Snowman) continued unabated on Wednesday, with national dailies Aftenposten, Dagens Næringsliv (DN) and Dagbladet panning it as well. Questions have arisen over whether the entire film project simply got lost in translation. Its director now blames a lack of time for […]

Norwegian writes porn book for children

“It’s bound to spark reaction,” commented one reviewer of a new children’s book by radical author Gro Dahle. She’s tackled uncomfortable subjects before, like family violence, child neglect and incest. Now she’s writing about porn for children, complete with illustrations by her own daughter, Kaia Dahle Nyhus. It the first time pornography is a theme […]