Filming re-enacted July 22 terrorist attack

Downtown Oslo was once again the scene of howling sirens, flashing blue lights, armed soldiers and terrified, injured people running for their lives during the weekend. It was all part of the filming for a new Netflix production that brought back bad memories for more than a few passersby. “I think this is much too […]

Poor reviews don’t dampen ‘Snowman’ sales

Cinemas in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim are reporting strong sales of tickets for the new film version of Jo Nesbø’s crime novel Snømannen (The Snowman), despite the ice-cold reception the film has received from critics. Cinema directors don’t think the poor reviews will kill off interest. “We’ve sold 16,000 tickets so far,” Jannicke Haugen of […]

‘The Snowman’s’ meltdown spreads

UPDATED: Norwegian critics’ frosty reception of the film version of Jo Nesbø’s Snømannen (The Snowman) continued unabated on Wednesday, with national dailies Aftenposten, Dagens Næringsliv (DN) and Dagbladet panning it as well. Questions have arisen over whether the entire film project simply got lost in translation. Its director now blames a lack of time for […]

Norwegian writes porn book for children

“It’s bound to spark reaction,” commented one reviewer of a new children’s book by radical author Gro Dahle. She’s tackled uncomfortable subjects before, like family violence, child neglect and incest. Now she’s writing about porn for children, complete with illustrations by her own daughter, Kaia Dahle Nyhus. It the first time pornography is a theme […]

Literature lauded in Lillehammer

Authors and artists from 24 countries were gathering in Lillehammer this week for the 23rd annual literature festival, the largest to be held in the Nordic countries. Freedom of expression was a central theme, even as Norway’s own culture minister ignored it in China just last week. Culture Minister Linda Hofstad Helleland was under heavy […]

Knausgård offers a new look at Munch

One of Norway’s most internationally prominent authors, Karl Ove Knausgård, has put together an exhibit of works by the country’s most famous artist, Edvard Munch, in a creative effort by Oslo’s Munch Museum to offer “a different, new and fresh look” at Munch’s artistry. The result is likely to at least delight all those who’ve complained for years […]

Record run for new Nesbø book

Norwegian author Jo Nesbø was once again a center of attention in Oslo this week, when publishing company Aschehoug launched his latest crime novel starring investigator Harry Hole. Amidst all the traditional hype came news that the initial print run will be bigger than ever, with 300,000 books. Newspaper Aftenposten reported Wednesday that Aschehoug clearly has great […]

Stoltenberg scolded over book royalties

While NATO Secretary General  Jens Stoltenberg was hosting and taking part in a series of important meetings in Brussels and Munich last week, he had to fend off some trouble at home in Norway. A lucrative royalty agreement he secured for a biography he released last year has upset fellow authors, who claim Stoltenberg is not showing any […]

Jon Fosse wins German honour

Acclaimed author and playwright Jon Fosse has won the 2016 Willy Brandt award for his work to promote relations between Norway and Germany, the German Embassy in Oslo said in a press release on Friday. Fosse’s work has been widely translated to German. He shared the prize with translator Julia Stöber, a professional translator and […]

Jagland soon to tell his tale

Thorbjørn Jagland kept quiet during all the recent fuss around the book released by his former rival within the Norwegian Labour Party, the current NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg. In it, Stoltenberg revealed among other things how he plotted to replace Jagland as party leader, but now Jagland is working on a book of his own.  Jagland, a former […]