Beggar debate heats up

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Police in Norway are bracing for another influx of beggars expected to arrive in Norway this summer from various countries around Europe. A state government proposal to require them to register with police has met mixed reaction and already been vetoed by city officials in Oslo.

State prosecutors, Oslo police and several opposition politicians in parliament also object to a registration requirement, saying it will provide far too much paperwork for police and will be hard to enforce. Such a requirement would also need to apply during local fundraisers for charitable causes and even the local cake lotteries held by volunteer organizations.

Cities including Bergen, Trondheim and Fredrikstad already have imposed registration requirements, with Bergen pointing to generally good results. Registration requires proof of a legal passport, which can then also be cross-checked in criminal registers. Oslo officials, officials, favour an outright ban on begging, which is supported by both the Conservative and Progress parties. staff