Diplomats trained in black metal

The Norwegian foreign ministry has begun training aspiring diplomats in “TNBM – True Norwegian Black Metal” – after foreign service missions reported a rise in enquiries about the musical genre from around the world. Indeed, the popularity and scale of the black metal phenomenon were demonstrated recently as one of the style’s foremost proponents, Dimmu […]

Black metal fans descend on Oslo

While thousands of Norwegians left town this week for traditional Easter ski trips or other holiday pursuits, fans of black metal music from all over the world were pouring into Oslo, for five days of concerts and some unusual sightseeing in an area known for making black metal history. The black metal fans are in […]

Resurrection of a black metal convict

Varg Vikernes, the Norwegian once dubbed the “most notorious black metal musician of all time,” is getting good reviews for his new CD Belus. It was released this week, less than a year after Vikernes himself was released from 16 years in prison after being convicted of murder and arson. Vikernes is now 37 years […]

Black metal loses stab at Eurovision

Norwegians clearly weren’t ready for black metal representation at the Eurovision Song Contest. The first black metal band to make it into Norway’s run-up to the gala international event lost out in the end to a clean-cut young man in a white dinner jacket. {http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bW3wU2fDc2o} They actually won one of four finalist spots at Norway’s […]

Artists tune up for song contest final

Ticket sales hit a new record, organizers were expecting a packed arena and black metal fans were unusually jubilant as they all warmed up for the finals of Melodi Grand Prix, Norway’s version of the Eurovision Song Contest. The show was due to go on in Oslo Saturday evening. This weekend’s Melodi Grand Prix in […]

Black metal act wins MGP semi-final

A small town in north-central Norway literally had military troops swinging into action this week, to help it mount the first of three semi-finals for the Norwegian version of the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s called Melodi Grand Prix (MGP) in Norway, and a black metal band stole the show. The band, called “Keep of Kalessin,” […]