Government halts expat deportations

The Norwegian government, under pressure from EU authorities and legal experts, is reversing controversial new rules that have restricted entry of people arriving from Great Britain and prevented thousands of expatriates who’ve been living and working in Norway from re-entering the country. The rules have caused distress and financial hardship for at least 2,100 citizens […]

Norway keeps its borders closed

The Norwegian government is once again following health authorities’ advice and keeping its borders closed through the end of February. Dr Bjørn Guldvog, head of the state health directorate, stressed, however, that Norway is in a good position and normality can return by the end of July. “In 100 to 150 days everything will be […]

State challenges powerful grocers

Debate has swirled for years over why grocery store prices are so much higher in Norway than most anywhere else. After lots of studies and investigations, the Norwegian Competition Authority mounted an offensive strike this week against the country’s three major grocery store chains, but with massive fines for allegedly illegal pricing cooperation that surprised and […]

Rules tighten for entering Norway

Norway is tightening border control but also loosening the rules for the country’s controversial “quarantine hotels.” Travelers from abroad won’t have to spend their first 10 days in one of the hotels if they can document that they’re able to stay in at least the equivalent of a residential unit with its own kitchen and […]

Grocers may win border trade battle

Norwegian grocery stores have been thriving during the Corona crisis, after closed borders and Covid-19 restrictions prevented Norwegians from driving over the border to shop in Sweden. Now other moves are afoot to keep Norwegians shopping at home as the battle over border trade rages once again. Thousands of Norwegians living within an hour or […]

Border control remains strict

Traffic over the border to Sweden increased by 18,000 vehicles over the weekend, after Norwegians finally were allowed to drive to the neighbouring region of Värmland. Everyone returning, mostly from shopping trips, is still being stopped and questioned as state officials try to retain control over Corona infection rates. Drivers and their passengers are asked […]

Shopping in Sweden can be punished

The Norwegian government went ahead with imposing new regulations on Friday that can crack down hard on Norwegians who drive over the border to shop in Sweden. Not only do they face a 14-day quarantine upon arrival back in Norway, they’ll now be denied sick pay while in quarantine. “It’s unreasonable that people who consciously […]

Scores go defiantly shopping in Sweden

Police and customs agents at Norway’s biggest border crossing point say they were surprised and disgusted that so many Norwegians defied government advice and drove into Sweden on Wednesday to go shopping. “They just didn’t care, and that’s very disappointing to see,” Wenche Fredriksen, chief of the border crossing at Svinesund, told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). […]

Norwegian extremist blocked from UK

A 35-year-old Norwegian man was denied entry into the UK when his flight from Austria landed in London late last week. Tore Rasmussen was determined to present a “serious threat” because of his involvement with the anti-immigration organization Generation Identity (GI). Newspaper Aftenposten reported that Rasmussen is part of the leadership in the British and […]

Concerns rise over border control

Alleged understaffing at Norway’s border patrol stations is raising concerns over border control. Members of Parliament, police and officers at the customs agency itself (Tolletaten) are sounding alarms. “I’m very worried,” Arve Sigmundstad of the Labour Party told news bureau NTB. He claims that customs agency employees have contacted him, since he represents the Østfold district […]