Boos disputed Brækhus’ victory

Norway’s boxing queen Cecilia Brækhus had to admit that she nearly met her match during her first professional fight in the US over the weekend. It was the first time Brækhus went down for the count, after a solid punch from her opponent Kali Reis, only to get back up and be declared the winner […]

Boxer Brækhus’ big bout in Bergen

Norwegian boxing star Cecilia Brækhus was recovering this week after what turned out to be rather nasty but victorious bout in Bergen, her first in her hometown. She’s not sure she’ll box back home again, though. “I really want to box in Bergen again,” she told reporters after beating Erica Farias of Argentina outdoors at […]

Battles fly from boxing to budget

NEWS ANALYSIS/UPDATED: It’s entirely unclear whether Prime Minister Erna Solberg and her government will still be standing when Norway’s Parliament re-opens next autumn. Not only did she need to fend off complaints over her support for boxing just after this year’s parliamentary sesson opened, Solberg also needs to be ready with some hard punches from the right, to […]

Brækhus hits height of her career

It only took Norway’s “First Lady of Boxing,” Cecilia Brækhus, three minutes to knock out her opponent when she could finally box in her homeland over the weekend. She called the quick victory “definitely the high point of my career, absolutely.” Brækhus also celebrated her 35th birthday while preparing last week for long-awaited fight on Saturday. […]

Brækhus wins her fight to fight

Norwegian boxing champion Cecilia Brækhus, age 34, can finally carry out her sport on home turf in Norway, where professional boxing has been illegal since 1991. Her application to compete in Norway was approved, and she’ll enter the ring this autumn at the Oslo Spektrum arena. “This is just unreal,” Brækhus said while heading into a […]

Norway lifts its ban on boxing

After hours of debate, an albeit slim majority of Members of Parliament voted to end Norway’s ban on boxing Tuesday evening. Now world champion Cecelia Brækhus of Norway will legally be able to defend her titles on home turf instead of, for example, in Denmark. “This is unreal, it’s difficult to describe all the feelings I […]

Boxer Brækhus broke her foot

The injury sustained by Norwegian boxer Cecilia Brækhus in last weekend’s latest championship match turned out to be much more serious than she or anyone else thought. After thinking she simply had sprained something, she finally found out Wednesday that she sustained three fractures in her right foot. “As soon as it (the injury) happened, I […]

Victorious Brækhus ended up on crutches

Norwegian boxing champion Cecilia Brækhus was hobbling around on crutches Sunday despite successfully defending her four world champion titles against Jennifer Retzke in Denmark on Saturday. Brækhus injured her right foot in the third round, but managed to hide her pain and go on to win. She didn’t want Retzke to realize she was injured, […]

Boxing ban about to fall

Just a day after Norway’s ruling Conservative Party killed off plans to host a Winter Olympics last week, it dealt another blow to sports bureaucrats. The Conservative-led government is moving forward with plans to remove a ban on professional boxing and liberalize gambling, despite the protests of the national athletics federation Idrettsforbundet. The federation has proclaimed […]

Boxer Brækhus made history

Norwegian boxing star Cecilia Brækhus made history over the weekend by winning her 26th professional match in a row against Ivana Habazin of Croatia in Denmark. Brækhus still can’t box in Norway, though, and there were other frustrations after her victory was secured. Brækhus, from a country where professional boxing is banned, has gone on […]