‘Is there an organist in the house?’

Norway’s popular and famed violinist Arve Tellefsen was all ready, along with the Nidaros Cathedral’s boys’ choir and their audience, to launch into another traditional Christmas concert at Oslo’s cathedral this week. Suddenly their organist became acutely ill. “We’ve often heard about people asking whether there’s a doctor in the house,” Tellefsen told newspaper Aftenposten, […]

‘Norwegian Wood’ files for bankruptcy

It was once one of the most popular summer music festivals in Norway. Then “Norwegian Wood” became a shadow of its former self and on Tuesday, the company that’s run it lately filed for bankruptcy. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported that the filing, in the local court for the suburban Oslo community of Asker og […]

Teen idols face rebuke after concert

Norway’s wildly popular singing duo, Marcus & Martinus, successfully inaugurated the use of a large new public sports facility in Oslo as a concert venue last weekend. They were facing a rebuke, however, for illegally urging their young fans to buy their merchandise. Newspaper Dagsavisen reports that it was during their concert at Oslo’s refurbished Voldsløkka […]

Stavanger braced for Bieber mania

UPDATED: Pop star Justin Bieber can still stir up a fuss in Norway, with his concert before around 30,000 fans at Forus in Stavanger setting off huge traffic challenges on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Bieber himself took off for some motocross motion after landing in Stavanger on Tuesday. “Is it right that you deal in motocross and rentals?” asked a […]

Solberg: ‘Don’t let terror scare us’

Prime Minister Erna Solberg called the terrorist attack in Manchester Monday night “gruesome and meaningless,” and said she hopes it won’t scare Norwegians away from concerts and other public gatherings. She sent her condolences to the UK and said it was “an incredibly sad day.” Solberg met reporters Tuesday morning after a suicide bomber killed at least […]

Marcus & Martinus set another record

Two teenage twins from a small town in north-central Norway have been making and breaking records since they started singing and dancing as children. Everything Marcus and Martinus Gunnarsen do seems to turn to gold, with even a documentary about them now pulling in record crowds. The scene outside Oslo’s large Colosseum cinema complex last weekend was […]

‘Hellbillies’ band sues concert organizer

The members of one of Norway’s most popular bands, Hellbillies, think they were short-changed of ticket revenues at a concert they held in Levanger last year. Now the band and the local civic organization Levanger Vel will face off in court in January. The band claims the organization violated the contract for the concert, which attracted […]

Bieber took a day off in the mountains

Pop-star Justin Bieber recovered from two days of holding concerts in Oslo by heading up to the mountains around Stryn. His local host said he swam in Oppstrynsvatnet, went boating and ATV-riding and sat by a campfire as the sun went down. “When Bieber woke up here and looked out the window, he was overwhelmed,” claimed John […]

Police were ‘prepared’ for new Bieber mania

Police in Oslo and Bærum claimed they were prepared to handle crowds and chaos when teen idol singer Justin Bieber held concerts once again in the area on Friday and Saturday. Bieber’s earlier appearances in Oslo set off pandemonium and controversy. Bieber’s avid fans, mostly teenage girls, were already forming long lines by 3pm in pouring […]

Probe begins into ceiling collapse at packed theater

Police and building technicians were investigating what caused portions of the ceiling at Oslo’s  popular Sentrum Scene concert hall and theater to collapse on Sunday. Preliminary results indicated that a motor used to raise heavy lighting equipment over the stage had collided with the ceiling. Portions of it began to fall down on college students gathered at Sentrum […]