MPs quarrel over vaccination priority

NEWS ANALYSIS: A government decision late last week to give priority in the vaccination queue to Members of Parliament, judges and a few hundred other public officials (including themselves) has set off heated debate. Now several MPs and Health Minister Bent Høie himself have declined the offer to get vaccinated earlier than their age group […]

Oslo finally prepares to open up again

Restaurants, cafés, bar, cinemas, theaters, museums, exercise studios, public swimming pools and other gathering places will finally be allowed to reopen in Oslo next week, after being shut down since early November. Some limitations will still apply, but the leader of Oslo’s city government said Oslo residents will soon be able “to enjoy the city […]

‘Russ’ season worries health institute

Norway’s rowdy graduating high school students known as russ have mostly waited for their partying to begin, because of all the Corona virus restrictions. The government has allowed russ season to begin from the 17th of May, but state health institute FHI worries it can lead to another infection spike. FHI’s top officials have otherwise been […]

Another ‘different’ 17th of May holiday

The Corona pandemic, combined with cold and constant rain, literally put a damper on celebrations of Norway’s national day on the 17th of May. With all parades cancelled and large gatherings banned for the second year in a row, the Royal Family and most everybody else could only hope festivities will be back to normal […]

Government halts expat deportations

The Norwegian government, under pressure from EU authorities and legal experts, is reversing controversial new rules that have restricted entry of people arriving from Great Britain and prevented thousands of expatriates who’ve been living and working in Norway from re-entering the country. The rules have caused distress and financial hardship for at least 2,100 citizens […]

Protests rise over hotel quarantine

Complaints about Norway’s new hotel quarantine rules continue to pour in. They’re supposed to apply to everyone arriving from outside the EU and Schengen areas, but defense personnel, as many as 2,000 foreign service employees, their familes and the diplomatic corps in Oslo are exempt. Both legal and medical experts are now raising objections. Members […]

Norway plots its path out of crisis

Finance Minister Jan Tore Sanner admits to a lot of uncertainty regarding prospects for renewed economic growth in Norway. The revised state budget he proposed this week to bring the country out of the Corona crisis was nonetheless getting generally good reviews, despite its record withdrawals from the Oil Fund. “The government is burning through […]

More liberty with ‘Corona certificate’

Prime Minister Erna Solberg revealed more details on Wednesday of her government’s work on a a new “Corona certificate” that will allow more liberty for Norwegians who’ve been vaccinated or have recovered from the Corona virus. The certificate is meant to make it easier to take part in public events or travel, at least within […]

Oslo allows retailers to reopen stores

Declining infection levels and hospitalizations, along with a steady rise in vaccinations, have prompted Oslo’s city government to finally allow stores and shopping centers to reopen from Thursday. Restaurants, bars, exercise studios and most everything else will remain closed, however, with a new evaluation due later in May. The goal is a “gradual and controlled” […]

Expat rejections hit 2,100

The number of foreign citizens who thought they had legal residence in Norway but recently have been turned away at the border has soared to 2,100 just in the past few weeks. They’re all victims of how the Norwegian government suddenly changed its legal definition of residence in connection with Corona-related border control issues. The […]