Christmas tree on its way to London

Oslo’s mayor and the British ambassador to Norway ceremoniously helped chop down a large Norwegian spruce tree on the outskirts of the capital this week, proving that at least some traditions are intact even during the Corona crisis. The tree, an annual gift from Oslo to the people of London during the Christmas holidays, is […]

OSL closes off terminal areas

Norway’s gateway airport in Oslo, OSL Gardermoen, has lost so much traffic and business during the Corona crisis that it’s closing off large areas of terminals that only recently opened after a NOK 2 billion expansion. The goal is to cut costs until traffic picks up again, which may not happen until 2022 or beyond. […]

Norwegian Air files for reorganization

Crisis-hit Norwegian Air launched a bankruptcy process on Wednesday, filing for protection from creditors in Ireland where some of its main subsidiaries are based. The deeply troubled airline aims to reorganize and maintain at least some of its operations in the meantime, with most already scaled way back because of the Corona virus crisis. Norwegian […]

Economists hail restrictions now

Several Norwegian economists have come out strongly in favour of the stricter Corona containment measures now in effect nationwide, no matter how painful they are for many businesses and industries. They think it’s better to take economic losses now, instead of even bigger losses and more bankruptcies later. “The authorities shouldn’t have caved in as […]

State offers more Corona crisis aid

The Norwegian government rolled out more proposals for billions in financial aid on Tuesday, to those struggling under the latest round of Corona virus containment rules. While the government claimed they were “powerful measures” meant to offset income loss, not all intended recipients or their representatives were impressed or grateful. The new Corona aid package […]

No bailout for Norwegian Air

Norwegian Air was back on the brink of bankruptcy Monday after the Norwegian government refused the ailing airline’s latest demand for financial aid. The risk of losing billions of taxpayers’ money by providing liquidity specifically to Norwegian was deemed as just too high this time, since the airline already has NOK 40 billion in debt. […]

Oslo orders a new ‘social shutdown’

City government leaders in Oslo are literally turning off the taps in the Norwegian capital, ordering a halt to the serving of alcoholic drinks at bars and restaurants while also closing most all places where people gather to socialize. The goal is to bring down the city’s soaring Corona infection rate. From midnight Monday, virtually […]

Norwegians told to just ‘stay home’

Prime Minister Erna Solberg addressed Parliament Thursday morning with a serious and sobering message to all Norwegians: “Stay home as much as possible and have the least possible amount of social contact with others.” That’s the only way, Solberg said, to avoid another complete lockdown. Solberg’s government just imposed stricter Corona virus containment measures last week. Now, […]

Høie preparing stricter Corona rules

Health Minister Bent Høie confirmed on Tuesday that the government will be rolling out even stricter Corona rules later this week, aimed at halting or least slowing down Norway’s suddenly rapid rate of infection. “Now it’s serious,” Høie said at the government’s press conference on Tuesday. The decision to issue a new Corona crackdown comes […]

Cheap tickets get Norway flying again

Low-fare carrier Wizz Air is launching new airline routes within Norway this week, prompting rivals to also sell tickets that can cost less than a bus ride in the Oslo area. A professor at the Norwegian business school NHH notes that low fares can always win over Corona fears and Wizz Air’s controversial aversion to […]