Hundreds of pilots lose their jobs

The Norwegian government has agreed to literally buy more routes from airlines serving Norway, to guarantee flights between key cities for another three months. That didn’t prevent Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) from terminating several hundred pilots, and the airlines’ employers organization claims more emergency state aid is needed. A minimum level of airline service in Norway […]

Grocers may win border trade battle

Norwegian grocery stores have been thriving during the Corona crisis, after closed borders and Covid-19 restrictions prevented Norwegians from driving over the border to shop in Sweden. Now other moves are afoot to keep Norwegians shopping at home as the battle over border trade rages once again. Thousands of Norwegians living within an hour or […]

Norway ‘under (Tom) Cruise control’

American actor Tom Cruise and the film crew behind the next Mission: Impossible movie are being accused in Norway of dazzling local politicians and authorities, and getting special treatment while filming on location amidst some of Norway’s equally dazzling mountain scenery. Not so, objects the head of the Norwegian Film Institute, who rejects assertions that Norwegian […]

Two more charged in bunker party

Police in Oslo have charged two more people with organizing a rave party in an abandoned underground civil defense shelter that left nearly 30 people with carbon monoxide poisoning. That brings to four the number of those charged with arranging an event that could have become a national tragedy. All defendants are charged with breaking […]

Historic dive in industrial production

Norwegian industrial production continued to fall during the second quarter, down 5.6 percent compared to the same quarter last year. State statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) reported that there hadn’t been such a decline recorded since 1990. SSB stressed that the decline was strongly linked to the Corona crisis that raged in all three months […]

Norway in talks to keep SAS flying

Norwegian officials have joined discussions on a recapitalization of Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), after the airline reported a need this week for the equivalent of SEK 12.5 billion (USD 1.3 billion) to survive the Corona crisis. Sweden and Denmark were already discussing a bailout for the airline that once was owned by all three Scandinavian countries. […]

Norway starts to gradually re-open

Norwegians could start gaining access to day care centers, more shops and businesses and, perhaps most importantly, their own holiday homes (hytter) from Monday. Several municipalities are also finally re-opening their borders after keeping them closed to outsiders for fear of corona virus infection. As day care re-opened to children up to age six, many […]