Solberg scolds staff after Corona snafu

A wayward party fellow in Molde and one of her own top advisers managed to make a mess of things for the Conservatives’ Prime Minister Erna Solberg, soiling her otherwise well-regarded handling of the Corona crisis. She ended up having to apologize for them on Tuesday, after what some call a “political scandal” that took […]

Infection concerns delay Corona relief

Norwegians will probably have to keep living with strict Corona containment measures through the spring. The government decided this week to keep borders mostly closed and tighten quarantine rules, even before an outbreak of Covid-19 at a popular mountain tourist lodge forced around 40 winter holiday guests to stay in their rooms. Newspaper Valdres reported […]

Corona cuts into population growth

Immigration to Norway fell 27 percent last year, a decline the state statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) has branded as “historic.” It hasn’t been so low in 17 years, and SSB officials link it firmly to Corona-related restrictions. The sharp drop in immigration during 2020 also contributed to the lowest level of overall population growth […]

Corona haunts winter holidays

Norwegian schools are closed for winter holidays both this week and next in varying parts of the country, but health officials warn that no one can take a holiday from Corona virus containment rules. They were allegedly broken at one popular skiing destination in Oslo, which was swiftly closed by local authorities. Kikutstua is a […]

Government drops Corona curfew plan

Justice Minister Monica Mæland confirmed on Wednesday that the government is dropping its highly unpopular proposal to impose curfews in Norway, as a means of controlling the Corona virus. It’s been utterly slammed during the hearing process, so Mæland’s ministry won’t be forwarding the curfew proposal to Parliament. “There’s been a lot of public engagement […]

Norway’s glory days may be numbered

The Corona crisis of the past year may at the very least serve as somewhat of an equalizing factor worldwide. For Norway, it’s meant a sharp economic decline after years of oil-fueled growth that may leave it with many of the same challenges faced by most all other countries. Norway’s state statistics bureau SSB (Statistics […]

Norway keeps its borders closed

The Norwegian government is once again following health authorities’ advice and keeping its borders closed through the end of February. Dr Bjørn Guldvog, head of the state health directorate, stressed, however, that Norway is in a good position and normality can return by the end of July. “In 100 to 150 days everything will be […]

‘No travel abroad’ until after Easter

Norwegian airports are likely to remain unusually quiet, also during the country’s long Easter holidays, after the Foreign Ministry extended its recommendations against global travel until April 15. The ministry’s latest travel advisory applies to all trips to all countries that aren’t strictly necessary. There already are advisories against unnecessary travel within Norway as well. The […]

Pandemic poses security threat

Norway’s intelligence agencies presented a joint review this year of what they consider the most pressing threats to national security, and warned that the Corona virus crisis is playing a new role. They also claimed that Islamic and right-wing extremists pose the greatest threat of actual attacks, while Russia and China still want to exert […]

Norway over-reliant on foreign workers

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway’s over-reliance on relatively low-paid foreign workers in a variety of industries, not least fishing, has become glaringly apparent during the Corona crisis. It has also contributed to the demise of the working class in Norway, and may explain why the Labour Party has been losing voters for years. Problems first started literally […]