Economic optimism logs a decline

A new survey indicates that many Norwegians don’t think their country’s economy will be as strong next year as it is now. Rising concerns about a new Corona crisis are to blame. Even though top Norwegian politicians are resisting any shutdowns like those seen elsewhere in Europe, many apparently worry that infection protection measures will […]

Public transport suddenly in crisis

Norwegian cities have invested billions in their public tranport systems in recent years, part of a major effort to get people out of their cars and on board a bus or tram. Then came Corona, lots of commuters started working from home, and mass transit is having trouble luring them back after the crisis eased. […]

Trains to start running abroad

Norwegians haven’t been able to take the train to any foreign destinations since the Corona pandemic first shut down operations in March of last year. They’ll finally start rolling again later this month, at least to Sweden. “We’ve all really been looking forward to this day,” Erik Røhne, chief executive of Norwegian railway Vy (the […]

Airlines face lots of new turbulence

As Norwegians start traveling again, airlines based in Scandinavia are struggling to reinvent themselves, and survive. Both SAS and Norwegian Air have landed new labour agreements with pilots and cabin crew in Denmark, aimed at cutting costs with more “flexible” crewing, but they’ve met strong resistance in Norway and Sweden that’s now winding up in […]

Remaining borders to Sweden open up

It’s become much easier to drive over the border between Norway and Sweden this week, since the governments of both countries decided to drop most remaining restrictions from October 1st. On Tuesday, smaller border crossings in remote areas that were completely closed during the Corona pandemic were also reopening, with only sporadic controls. Norway’s Home […]

Corona times won’t be entirely missed

NEWS ANALYSIS: Not everyone was thrilled by the prospect of a fully re-opened Norway after 18 months of pandemic-related restrictions. Some still fear the threat of infection, while others hail unexpected benefits of the Corona crisis and how it changed Norwegian society. Whoever thought it would be possible to stay at their beloved hytte (holiday […]

Norway reopens but pandemic not over

Eighteen months after she had to shut down Norway, Prime Minister Erna Solberg could finally give her health minister Bent Høie a hug. Solberg led the country through the Corona virus crisis and can now scrap most restrictions still in place, but not all. “Even though everyday life will be like normal for most people, […]

Norway is getting ‘back to normal’

NEWS ANALYSIS: Interest rates have started to rise, oil and gas exports have more than doubled and Norway will soon even have a Labour Party-led government again, just as most of the country’s Corona virus-related restrictions are likely to be lifted. Post-pandemic “normalization” is clearly underway. Norway’s central bank confirmed on Thursday that it’s finally, […]

Warnings against more airline aid

Norway’s competition authority is warning against more financial aid to the country’s three established airlines: SAS, Norwegian Air and Widerøe. The warning comes despite looming cutbacks at SAS and Norwegian and the risk of monopolies on some routes. The three established carriers have already received more than NOK 6 billion (around USD 700 million) in […]

Labour open to re-investing in SAS

The Norwegian government declined last year to take a new ownership stake in Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), but now a new Labour-led government is open to making a comeback. The goal, according to Labour’s spokesperson on transport issues, is to make sure the airline survives the Corona crisis. “I think the (recently defeated) government has been […]