Mosque shooting widely condemned

A young Norwegian man who fired shots inside a mosque in suburban Oslo Saturday evening was refusing to talk with police on Sunday. He’s in custody, charged with murder and attempted murder, while Prime Minister Erna Solberg joined other top politicians in condemning what’s being investigated as a terrorist attack by a right-wing extremist. “All […]

Theories clash in kidnapping case

Is Anne-Elisabeth Hagen dead or alive? Her family’s hopes for the latter reportedly have risen, following new contact with Hagen’s alleged captors, but police still think a kidnapping last October was rigged to hide her murder, and that there’s “little probability” she’s still alive. The different positions were made clear on Tuesday, when police and […]

More car fires during the weekend

As many as five cars were set on fire Saturday, reported police in Oslo. A burning car at Kampen on Oslo’s east side around 5pm had been preceded by fires earlier in the day both at Kampen and nearby Grünerløkka. The fire early Saturday evening was the fourth in Oslo in less than 24 hours. […]

Police under fire after local brawl

Residents of Bogerud on Oslo’s east side continue to criticize police for allegedly heavy-handed tactics against local youth last week. Police claim they felt threatened, while the youngsters accuse them of escalating a confrontation on a hot summer evening. While the weather in Oslo has cooled down, frustration in Bogerud hasn’t. Newspaper Dagsavisen and other […]

Trump ‘astonishes’ prime minister

Prime Minister Erna Solberg has joined fellow European leaders in expressing astonishment that US President Donald Trump would cross the line between the executive and judicial branches of government. She was reacting to Trump’s criticism that Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven refused to intervene in the arrest in Stockholm of an American rapper charged with […]

Shots fired during Oslo robbery

Two people wearing helmets drove a motorcycle up to the entrance of a jewelry store in the heart of Oslo late Monday morning, stormed in and held it up at gunpoint. Police had two suspects in custody within an hour. “They fired shots inside the store,” operations leader for the Oslo Police, Rune Hekkelstrand, told state […]

Two arrested for vandalizing July 22 memorial

Police in Tønsberg have arrested two suspects in their 20s, charged with spray-painting a swastika on the city’s memorial to victims of the deadly attacks by a right-wing extremist on July 22, 2011. The vandalism was carried out on the eighth anniversary of the attacks on Monday. “The two are arrested and charged with damaging […]

Women’s murderers sentenced to death

Norway generally condemns death sentences, but those handed out to three men convicted of having murdered two young Scandinavian women on holiday in Morocco seemed to be well-received on Thursday. A fourth man involved in the murders was sentenced by the Moroccan court to life in prison. They were convicted of killing 28-year-old Maren Ueland […]

Ex-minister’s actions ‘cynical, serious’

The conviction of a former government minister for the Conservative Party, on charges he abused his power to exploit vulnerable asylum seekers, can further further hurt the credibility of Norway’s elected leaders. It comes after nearly two years of revelations about political misbehaviour at the highest levels. Several Members of Parliament, for example, have admitted […]

Retired politician sentenced to jail

Svein Ludvigsen was one of Norway’s most powerful politicians. Now a court in his native Troms has sentenced him to five years in prison for abusing his power to obtain sexual favours from young male asylum seekers. The court for Troms County, where Ludvigsen was fylkesmann (county governor) after leaving Parliament and his government post […]