Kidnapping probe ‘enters new phase’

Police in Lørenskog northeast of Oslo say they’ve entered “a new phase” of the investigation into the disappearance and suspected kidnapping of a wealthy man’s wife eight months ago. They’d earlier asked for another NOK 18 million because of extraordinary expenses tied to the probe. Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, age 69, disappeared from the home she shared […]

Russian charged in street stabbing

Police were describing a stabbing on the streets of Oslo Tuesday morning as a “very serious incident” that only ended after they shot the alleged assailant with an electric shock weapon. They don’t think the violence was terror-related, however. A major response was mounted after the stabbing in the southern end of the trendy Grünerløkka […]

Police, military tied to weapon scandal

Norwegian police have revealed a fairly brisk illegal weapons trade, after finding and seizing stashes of more than 2,000 firearms believed to stem from illegal sales. Several of the nearly 70 people charged in the case so far have worked within the armed forces or the police themselves. Police for Norway’s southeastern police district in […]

‘I just decided to kill someone’

That was what a Norwegian teenager told the court during his trial  for the murder last summer of a 13-year-old girl at Varhaug, south of Stavanger. On Monday his father was also indicted, for tampering with evidence after he washed blood off his son’s clothing. The father now faces two years in prison for washing […]

Jewelry store robbers caught

Two robbers wearing ski masks and white overalls charged into a jewelry store in Kristiansand around lunchtime Thursday and held it up at gunpoint. Lots of shocked but resolute witnesses armed with mobile phones foiled their getaway. “We heard glass shattering, folks shrieked,” one witness told state broadcaster NRK, while others reported how the two […]

Errant MP faces police charges

Hege Haukeland Liadal, a Member of Parliament (MP) for the Labour Party since 2013, is now facing police charges after she admitted to repeatedly turning in travel expense compensation claims for trips she never took. The Parliament’s administration had to wait to question her until she’d returned this week from a trip to Qatar. Newspaper […]

Majorstua murder suspect held at Ila

A 20-year-old Swedish man, charged with both a robbery and the murder of a young Norwegian in Oslo last fall, was finally extradited from France this week were he’d been arrested while on the run. The Oslo County Court ordered him held at Norway’s high-security Ila Prison pending trial later this year. Makaveli Lindén was […]

Parliament tightens up expense filings

The Norwegian Parliament’s honour system for filing travel expense compensation claims hasn’t been working. Now the Parliament’s president will impose stricter rules and routines for how Members of Parliament seek reimbursement. Norway’s elected MPs have been viewed as only being answerable to their voters. That has allowed them to file expense reports and obtain compensation […]

Another MP claims fictitious expenses

Norwegian voters’ confidence in their elected Members of Parliament was hit by another jolt on Wednesday. Now it’s an MP from the Labour Party who’s been caught delivering fictitious travel expense reports and receiving unwarranted compensation from taxpayers. Newspaper Aftenposten has been examining MPs’ expense accounts and travel reports for the past six months, and […]

Robbers resort to matchsticks

Police in Porsgrunn, southwest of Oslo, think local bands of burglars are casing out homes to check for long-term absence with the help of matchsticks. With the Easter holidays looming next week, homeowners are urged to take precautions. Several living in a Porgsrunn neighbourhood discovered pieces of matchsticks propped into their doorjams or window casings. […]