Court won’t jail Trojan Shield suspects

A Norwegian county court in Vestfold won’t go along with prosecutors’ request to jail two Norwegians charged in the global crime fighting operation known as Trojan Shield. It resulted in coordinated mass arrests all over the world earlier this week on charges of everything from drug dealing to money laundering. While thousands of alleged criminals […]

Horrific conditions at more pork farms

Animal rights activists have once again revealed what’s now being called “systematic failure and animal abuse” at a wide range of Norwegian pork farms. Promises from Norwegian meat producers that their animals are well-tended have not been kept, according to shocking photos and video taken at 26 farms in eight Norwegian counties and 46 municipalities. […]

Carew faces tax evasion charges

Police and tax authorities raided the Oslo home of former Norwegian football star John Carew on Wednesday, later declaring that they suspect him of serious tax evasion. Norway’s economic crime unit Økokrim also reportedly seized Carew’s mobile phone but Carew himself still hadn’t been arrested. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) was outside the apartment building in […]

Murder convict released after 21 years

Viggo Kristiansen, convicted of raping and murdering two young girls at Baneheia in Kristiansand in May 2000, was released from prison as expected late Tuesday night. Other inmates clapped and cheered as Kristiansen was driven away from the high-security Ila Prison outside Oslo with his father at the wheel. “There was a mixture of laughter, […]

State ready to free Baneheia murder convict

State prosecutors went along Monday with an appeal from convicted murderer Viggo Kristiansen to be released from prison until his case for a retrial is heard. The families of two young girls he’s convicted of raping and murdering at Baneheia in Kristiansand 21 years ago immediately asked for police protection. Kristiansen has claimed all along that […]

Post office robbed at gunpoint

Two employees at one of Oslo’s few remaining post offices were met on arrival at work Saturday morning by three robbers who threatened them with a handgun, ordered them to turn over cash and then left them handcuffed. It was a seldom hold-up during Norway’s three-day pinse holiday that ran through Monday. Police themselves noted […]

Ambulance hijacker convicted

A 33-year-old Norwegian man who hijacked an ambulance in Oslo and then took off on a wild drive that threatened everyone in his path was convicted on seven counts of attempted murder on Thursday. He was sentenced to 12 years of protective custody, meaning he’ll have to prove himself worthy of release. Judge Martin Eiebakke […]

17th of May turned violent

Police trying to break up an unauthorized gathering of more than 100 people in downtown Fredrikstad were met by youth throwing stones and bottles at them. The unusual violence on Norway’s 17th of May holiday was repelled by additional patrols and a police helicopter whirring overhead. “The patrols on duty were attacked by a large […]

Another murder, this time in Halden

UPDATED: Norway recorded its fourth murder in three weeks on Tuesday, after police in Halden were called to the scene of a fatal family drama in the southern city of Halden. A woman in her 40s was later charged with murdering her brother, also in his 40s, with their mother as witness. Startled neighbours in […]

ISIL wife appeals terror sentence

Norwegian prosecutors won a precedent-setting case on Tuesday against a young Pakistani-Norwegian woman who had married an ISIL terrorist and traveled to Syria to join him. The Oslo County Court ruled that she had thus taken part in a terrorist organization, and sentenced her to three-and-a-half years in prison. She appealed on the spot. The […]