High court boosts MP’s jail term

Norway’s Supreme Court has added four months to the jail term handed down to Mazyar Keshvari, a former Member of Parliament for the conservative Progress Party. He’ll now need to spend 11 months in prison after being convicted of defrauding the Parliament itself. Keshvari was charged with delivering 72 claims for travel expense compensation over […]

Anti-Islamist believed murdered

Police in Kristiansand launched a murder investigation Sunday after the body of anti-Islamist Dan-Eivind Lid was found in his apartment on Saturday with visible injuries. Lid was an active member of the anti-Islam organization SIAN and took part in its demonstrations against the alleged “Islamization” of Norway. Police confirmed at a press conference Sunday evening […]

Man shot and killed by police

A man in his 30s who reportedly created a public disturbance near an abandoned hotel in Telemark ended up being shot by police Tuesday afternoon. He was later declared dead and a full investigation is underway. State broadcaster NRK reported Tuesday evening that the Southeast Police District received a call about the man at 3:27pm, […]

Man from Skien tied to terrorist attack

A Palestinian man who has lived in Norway since 1991 was charged this week with alleged participation in a terrorist attack on a Jewish restaurant in Paris in August 1982. His Norwegian defense attorney claims he had nothing to do with it, but he was ordered held in custody pending extradition to France. French police […]

Ex-justice minister testifies in court

Tor Mikkel Wara was justice minister when his live-in partner allegedly made false threats against both him, herself, their home and some political allies. On Thursday he had to testify in the court case against her, but gave her a possible alibi and came out strongly against the very police and intelligence agencies he oversaw […]

Police find 80 dead sheep in Troms

In what appears to be a new case of animal neglect, police in Northern Norway found 80 dead sheep on a farm in Midt-Troms. Another 11 had to be killed to alleviate their own suffering. Police were reluctant to release details of the animal tragedy, but Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that they were investigating apparent […]

Trial uncomfortable for Progress Party

NEWS ANALYSIS: A sensational court trial that began in Oslo this week directly involves top politicians for the conservative Progress Party, and reveals both close ties and conflicts amongst them and their partners. It’s all been branded as “uncomfortable” by one of Progress’ many former government ministers, who’s already been shown to have leaked information […]

Two more charged in bunker party

Police in Oslo have charged two more people with organizing a rave party in an abandoned underground civil defense shelter that left nearly 30 people with carbon monoxide poisoning. That brings to four the number of those charged with arranging an event that could have become a national tragedy. All defendants are charged with breaking […]

Partying youth risk fatal consequences

Some of the Norwegians partying in an abandoned underground civil defense shelter last weekend have been left with brain damage, caused by the carbon monoxide they inhaled. Justice Minister Monica Mæland strongly appealed to Norwegian youth to drop any large party plans this weekend, not least because of the Corona infection risk as well. “You […]

New hacker attack targets Hedmark

Around 10,ooo public sector employees in Norway’s eastern region of Hedmark woke up Wednesday with their work email unavailable or even compromised. County officials said the attack on email systems used by seven separate municipalities came from “foreign swindlers.” The alleged swindlers, detected Tuesday night, “are trying to gain access to our users’ email accounts,” wrote […]