‘Police need help’ in a nervous Oslo

A recent rash of shootings, robberies and now even another threatening situation in broad daylight have suddenly raised questions about how safe a city Oslo really is. Norway’s new justice minister, poised to spread more police funding outside of Oslo, insists it is, while others claim the capital’s resources for law and order are spread […]

Wrongly jailed CEO ‘not bitter’

Thorleif Enger, former chief executive of the large state-controlled fertilizer producer Yara, was charged, indicted, arrested and even briefly jailed for corruption before a court cleared him six years later. Now, at the age of 78, he’s won millions in compensation from the state and insists he’s not bitter. “It was reasonably dramatic,” Enger told […]

Surveillance cables mysteriously cut

A unique underwater observatory in strategic waters off the coast of Northern Norway has been knocked out of service, after more than 4.3 kilometers of its specially designed offshore fiberoptic and electric cables were cut and then disappeared. Sabotage suspicions are rising, and the damage has been reported to both the military and state police […]

Man ravages 1000-year-old church

Police and residents of the Norwegian coastal city of Grimstad were dealing this week with a grim and highly disturbing attack on their oldest building, the Fjære Church that dates back to 1150. A local resident in his 40s has admitted to the destruction that brought many to tears. “This really hurts, it’s so difficult,” […]

New minister faces shootings, tragedy

Emilie Enger Mehl has had to hit the ground running in her new job as Norway’s justice minister in charge of both police and the courts. She’s now dealing with an unusual string of recent shootings in the Norwegian capital, in addition to the tragedy in Kongsberg that left five dead and three wounded. “We can’t […]

Local politician cleared of corruption charges

A court covering a wide area northeast of Oslo acquitted the former mayor of Nittedal,  Hilde Thorkildsen of the Labour Party, and a local businessman this week. Both had been charged with corruption, with Thorkildsen indicted for having been involved in cases that involved the businessman, who earlier had transferred NOK 125,000 to a company […]

Man attacked guests at a nightclub

Police had to evacuate a packed nightclub in Tønsberg at around 2am on Sunday, after a man started attacking other guests with pepper spray usually used for self-defense. Three people were sent to the hospital and several hundred needed help from emergency crews at the scene. Police were called to the nightclub early Sunday morning, […]

Kongsberg’s victims’ names released

Police in Kongsberg, the small historic city that was stunned by what most call a senseless massacre last week, released the names during the weekend of the five people killed. All are now believed to have been random victims of a mentally disturbed assailant. All lived in an old section of the city full of […]

Kongsberg tragedy challenges police

UPDATED: Police mounted a quick and massive response to this week’s deadly attacks in Kongsberg by a lone assailant, Espen Andersen Bråthen, who’s now widely viewed as being mentally ill. Questions are swirling, however, over why police and health care authorities couldn’t or didn’t act to head off the attacks, since there’d been multiple warnings […]

Attacks overshadow new government

UPDATED: Wednesday night’s fatal and bizarre attacks on residents of the historic mining town of Kongsberg invoked painful memories of another young man’s attacks on Norway’s Labour Party and its government on July 22, 2011. Labour is now heading back into power, and faced with another immediate crisis. The July 22 attacks left 77 people […]