Police probe attempt to poison wolves

Someone has tried to poison Norway’s largest wolf pack, known as Kynnareviret, which roams in an area between Våler and Åsnes in Hedmark County. Police have found poisoned bait in six separate locations this winter, not far from the cadaver of a moose that had been killed by wolves just before the Christmas holidays. “This […]

No suspects in threats against minister

Police and their special intelligence agency PST felt compelled to meet the press in Oslo this week after Norway’s justice minister, Tor Mikkel Wara, was threatened yet again over the weekend. They’ve come under criticism for failing to avert attacks on his home. “We are investigating these incidents as our highest priority,” PST director Benedicte […]

Politicians rally in support of minister

Prime Minister Erna Solberg wasn’t the only one expressing strong support for her justice minister over the weekend, after Tor Mikkel Wara’s home and family were subjected to yet another threat. Politicians from left to right were condemning the latest incident as a threat to democracy itself. “The sum of all these attacks makes those […]

Man charged in huge new assault case

A Norwegian man in his 40s has been arrested and charged with sexual assaults against 263 children in the Romerike region northeast of Oslo. It’s the second huge assault case in the area in recent months, and involves some of the same children aged nine to 16. The defendant has admitted guilt in the case […]

Someone wanted to poison Julius

Norway’s most famous chimpanzee, Julius, fell seriously ill during the recent winter holiday week after drinking the contents of a plastic bottle that someone tossed into his chimp enclosure at the country’s largest zoo in Kristiansand. The bottle contained narcotics, sending the chimp into a dangerous psychosis. “We’re shocked,” Rolf-Arne Ølberg, zoo veterinarian, stated on […]

Stolen cyanide recovered, two arrested

Police announced the recovery during the weekend of stolen medicine and chemicals that included a cannister of cyanide capable of killing 125 people. The dangerous stash was stolen along with the delivery van carrying it last month, and found only after a wild car chase Friday night. The drama began February 20, when police reported […]

New threats against the justice minister

The state’s police bomb group was sent to the home of Justice Minister Tor Mikkel Wara during the weekend, after a threatening letter was found in his mailbox. It was the latest in a series of threats made at the minister’s home since late last year. “The letter has been secured and we’re conducting a […]

Kidnapping victim feared dead

Her family refuses to give up hope, but the lack of any sign of life from suspected kidnapping victim Anne Elisabeth Hagen raises concerns she’s been killed. Police now suspect the 69-year-old wife of one of Norway’s wealthiest men may be dead. It’s been four months since Hagen disappeared from the family’s home in Lørenskog, […]

Teens suspected of vandalism in Trondheim

Four Trondheim teenagers, two boys and two girls aged 14 and 15, are suspected of being behind a wave of extensive vandalism at local schools. Some schools have had to close, with damage estimates climbing into the millions. Police confirmed on Thursday that the four minors have been called in for questioning and “conversations” at […]

Diplomats cleared of some wild driving

Police thought for several hours on Thursday that they needed to subdue a dangerous diplomat. Someone, at any rate, was behind the wheel of a black Volvo V90 with diplomatic license plates, and driving in a manner that scared everyone on the road around him. The drama began in the early morning hours when police […]