New motorcycle club worries police

Expansion of the international motorcycle club Satudarah into the Oslo area has put police on the alert, and prompted them to spread warnings about it. Police claim Satudarah “is most known for being engaged in crime, violence and weapons, less for motorcycle riding,” and they fear the club will recruit minority youth to expand a […]

Assaulted teacher loses compensation claim

Norway’s Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal from an Oslo high school teacher who was assaulted by a student in his classroom. Clemens Særs sought  NOK 250,000 in compensation from the city’s school district, but lost in both the local and appeals courts. Særs told newspaper Dagsavisen that he has no regrets, even […]

Youth robbed on Oslo metro lines

Police in Oslo reported they were using “lots of resources” to track down gangs of young men who were behind another rash of robberies on public transportation during the weekend.  Several of the robberies and attempted robberies on Easter Sunday afternoon and evening occurred on the T-bane (metro) line between Majorstuen and Smedstad, while another […]

More car fires set in Oslo

Police in Oslo were searching for at least four people who were seen torching around seven vehicles in the Haugerud neighbourhood on the city’s east side during the night. Three other cars parked on Lutvannsveien, a street that’s around a half-hour’s walk away, were set on fire earlier in the night. “We see a connection […]

More charged with illegal partying

A man from the Kongsvinger area northeast of Oslo went straight to a party over the weekend after landing back in Norway after a trip abroad. That cost him NOK 20,000. Police are also investigating other alleged violations of new regulations aimed at halting the spread of the Corona virus. Johan Martin Wellhaven of the […]

Justice minister calls for more police

Norway’s new justice minister, Monica Mæland of the Conservative Party, has asked the state police to hire up to 400 extra police officers. She claims they’re needed to boost staffing during the Corona virus crisis and to enforce new quarantine rules. “More police are now in quarantine or out sick, at the same time that […]

PST probed after right-wing attack

Norway’s police intelligence agency PST, officially charged with evaluating and handling the most serious threats against national security, is now under investigation itself. At issue is how PST handled and failed to ward off last year’s deadly attack by another young Norwegian right-wing extremist. A key area under probe is how PST (Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste) responded […]

Judge questions severity of NAV scandal

A retired Norwegian Supreme Court justice has taken it upon himself to evaluate the grounds for a series of welfare fraud convictions deemed by state officials themselves to be wrongful. Judge Karl Arne Utgård doesn’t think they’re so scandalous after all. Utgård told legal news website Rett24 this week that he doesn’t think state welfare […]

Hostage team out of kidnapping case

The Norwegian state police unit that specializes in crisis and hostage situations (KGF, Krise- og gisselforhandlertjeneste) is no longer involved in the alleged kidnapping 15 months ago of the wife of a wealthy Norwegian businessman. There simply is no one for them to negotiate with any longer. Anne-Elisabeth Hagen disappeared from the longtime home she […]

Cruise captain accused of fraud, tax evasion

A Norwegian cruiseship captain has been indicted on charges of serious fraud and tax evasion, after collecting disability pay from Norway’s state pension fund over a period of eight years while also sailing from port to port as the captain on various cruiseships. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported on Thursday that an international warrant was […]