Absent children worry schools

Increasing numbers of children are failing to turn up on the first day of school in Oslo, and both school officials and city administrators are worried. In several cases, they’ve had to resort to reporting the children’s parents to police, for hindering their own daughter’s or son’s education. “On Monday we’ll be dropping four children […]

Unrest plagues schools in Oslo

The looming summer holidays probably can’t come soon enough for teachers and city officials in the Oslo school system. After months of conflicts over unruly students, frustrated teachers, complaints over their alleged lack of freedom of expression and scathing criticism of the schools’ top administrator, the city goverment official in charge of it all is […]

Schools struggle with lack of discipline

A new report from public education officials in Oslo reveals that even elementary schools are now faced with unruly students as young as six who “beat, kick, bite and vandalize classrooms.” Incidents of violence and threats have increased greatly in recent years. Part of the increase is linked to more teachers reporting more trouble in […]

Norway has the oldest students in Europe

College and university students in Norway are the oldest in Europe, according to new numbers from state statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway). Fully 25 percent of Norwegian students are over the age of 30. Norway has long had much older students than those in the US, for example, where most college students come directly from […]

Government pares back niqab ban

After months of negotiations, Norway’s conservative government coalition presented compromise restrictions on face-covering garments on Friday. A ban will apply only inside day care centers and the classrooms of educational institutions. Education Minister Jan Tore Sanner said the national ban will make the rules “more equal and clearer” for the “few who use a burka […]

Police academy attracts more women

Norway’s state police academy (Politihøgskolen) has seen a slight decline in its total number of applicants, but is proud that fully 48 percent of them are women. That’s the highest share ever recorded. “We are glad that the share of women applicants is so high,” Ann-Lisbeth Framaas, division leader for academy recruitment, told news bureau […]

Professor fired in Stavanger

A controversial professor in the University of Stavanger’s Department of Cultural Studies and Languages has become only the third professor to ever be dismissed from a Norwegian university. The university’s employment commission voted Friday to fire Nils Rune Langeland after he’d been accused of sending sexually offensive text message to several female students. Langeland, who […]

Officials crack down on school violence

Three government ministers, top politicians from the City of Oslo and the Norwegian capital’s chief of police were among those sitting down for a meeting in Oslo on Wednesday to tackle the rising problem of violence in local schools. They settled on stronger reaction and punishments, including swifter expulsions. Those causing the most trouble in […]

School violence ‘shocks’ minister

Norway’s acting state education minister was calling on Thursday for an emergency meeting after reports of violence at a high school in Oslo. It’s the latest example of violence at schools in the Norwegian capital, now so bad that the high school’s rector involved said he no longer could offer either teachers or students a […]

School ordered to refund students’ fees

A private communications school that overcharged tuition and landed in various other trouble was ordered on Wednesday to refund nearly NOK 30 million to former students. The crushing verdict against the former Westerdals School of Communication was handed down by the Oslo City Court. “All the students are overjoyed,” their representative Erling Løken Andersen told state broadcaster […]