Norway growing rapidly older

Norway’s population is quickly getting older, and in just 10 years there will be more people aged 65 and up than children and teenagers in the country, according to a new study. Lower population growth is also expected to set in by 2030. The predictions come in a new study by state statistics bureau SSB […]

Elder care under constant threat

Norway’s local municipal governments (kommuner) are charged with providing elder care and nursing home services, and many like Oslo have been imposing property tax in order to shore up the funding they receive from the state. Services nonetheless continue to decline in line with cost-cutting, and both providers and taxpayers are feeling betrayed. In Oslo, […]

Elderly drown their sorrows in drinks

As Norway enters what many refer to as its traditional stille uke (quiet week) tied to the Easter holidays, the week can be dangerously quiet for the country’s elderly. Efforts to contain nursing home expenses mean many now live alone at home well into their 80s, with limited assistance, and loneliness is a growing problem that’s […]

City of Oslo fined in starvation case

The City of Oslo has been slapped with a heavy fine for negligence in the care of a woman who starved to death in her own home. The local government, like those all over Norway, is charged with providing health care at home, and admits that its systems failed. The woman, reported to be in her 60s, had […]

Senior citizens mount an uproar

The ranks of Norway’s elderly are rising rapidly, and now they’re planning some uprisings as well. Angry over inadequate nursing home care and cuts in other welfare services, the senior citizen lobby vows to be unusually active this autumn in making demands for improvement. They’re arguably more radical than ever, with their ranks made up of many […]

NAV prods seniors to go online

Norway’s social welfare agency NAV, which administers everything from unemployment benefits to pensions, has sent a letter to around 600,000 retirees informing them that they no longer will receive their pension notices through the postal system. From now on, both they and others collecting disability benefits will receive their notices only electronically, and many are unhappy. “A large […]

Oslo acquitted of deficient elder care

The City of Oslo has been cleared of providing elder care that was so deficient that two elderly women died. A local court found “potential for improvement,” however, on several points. The city was charged with failing to adequately provide home care for two elderly women, one of whom suffered severe dementia. She froze to death after […]