Conflicts of interest ram Center Party

Ola Borten Moe is a former Oil & Energy Minister for the Center Party who now leads its program committee heading into the next national election. He’s also attracting questions of conflicts of interest, since he’s gone into the oil business himself while also seeking benefits for small oil companies like his own and calling for cuts in […]

Tesla settlement satisfied owners

Christmas came early to buyers of popular Tesla electric cars who didn’t think they had as much acceleration as promised. Instead of spending this week in court, after suing Tesla, they’ve settled the matter in return for cash payouts or a variety of other compensation packages. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) was the first to report that […]

‘Envy fuels higher taxes on Teslas’

Abid Raja, a Member of Parliament for the Liberal Party, was quick to blast a proposal by the Labour Party to eliminate some of the tax incentives that currently apply to the popular and luxurious electric Tesla cars. He drives a Tesla himself, and ties the higher tax proposal to sheer envy. “As long as folks […]

Labour to brake Tesla’s ‘free ride’

Tesla electric cars, branded by a Labour Party politician on Wednesday as “fun toys” for affluent men, may suddenly become much more expensive in Norway if the party prevails in cutting their tax advantages. Others also appear ready to step on the brakes regarding current electric car incentives, which have allowed Tesla owners to avoid an estimated […]

Electric cars lack recharging stations

It’s tougher than ever to find available parking and recharging stations for electric cars in Oslo, and city officials warn it will get much worse. Even though they’re rolling out new recharge stations, demand is far outpacing supply. The challenge, reported newspaper Dagsavisen on Wednesday, is that electric car sales are rising much faster than the recharge […]

Electric cars may lose some incentives

As Norwegian politicians argue over how “green” their budgets are, one aspect of the proposed state budget is raising red flags. Norway’s conservative government coalition wants to raise annual registration fees for electric cars while lowering those on some vehicles fueled by diesel and gasoline, thus cutting into the incentives that have made the country […]

Tesla owners sue over lack of horsepower

More than a hundred Norwegian owners of the Tesla Model S P85D are suing the producer of the popular electric car. They’re seeking an upgrade of their cars instead of any rebate. “The car is great,” Tesla owner Frode Fleten Jacobsen told newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN). “It’s just that I was tricked into paying extra […]

Oslo commuters face even higher tolls

After years of quarreling over how to relieve congestion on the E18 highway into Oslo, how to finance it and even whether the road’s capacity should be expanded at all, politicians finally struck a compromise over the weekend. Few are happy, more fights loom and motorists using the E18 will see their road tolls nearly double. Even […]

Fuel car ban plan shifts into reverse

UPDATED: Key politicians in Norway’s conservative government were already backpedaling Monday on news that the country would ban sales of diesel- and gasoline-driven vehicles from 2025. “Unrealistic,” claimed a government minister and deputy leader of one of the minority government’s two parties, as he firmly shifted the whole plan into reverse. Per Sandberg of the Progress […]

Tesla has trouble paying its bills

Last week, the founder of the highly successful electric car company Tesla Motors was posing with government officials in Norway. This week comes news that Tesla Motors’ unpaid bills in Norway have exceeded NOK 2 million (USD 249,000), and that it’s been saddled with a very poor credit rating. The Norwegian automobile news website reports that […]