Electric cars now hit with parking fees

After enjoying literally a free ride for years, owners of electric cars started having to pay parking fees from March 1 in Oslo just like all others. They are, however, much lower than those for “fossil” cars. “Electric car sales hit steadily new heights in Oslo, and it should pay off to choose an elbil […]

Labour calls for new electric car tax

Norway has long promoted the sale of electric cars with lots of tax incentives. Now the Labour Party thinks wealthy buyers who’ve latched on to the most expensive electric car (el-bil) models have enjoyed enough tax advantages, and wants to impose new taxes on those costing more than NOK 600,000 (USD 67,000). That would boost […]

Electric cars claim more than half the market

Electric car sales in Norway accounted for 58.4 percent of the market in March, thus claiming more than half of all car sales for the first time ever. Norway has long led the pack in so-called el-bil popularity but now the numbers are being branded as “historic.” Major tax incentives have been behind the acceleration […]

Gasoline, diesel sales dive

Sales of both gasoline (petrol) and diesel fell 28 percent last year in the western neighbourhoods of Oslo, and 16 percent in suburban Asker and Bærum. The sharp decline is linked to an even sharper rise in sales of electric cars. Electric cars of all types are driving the car market at present, and driving […]

Electric car sales reach new heights

Nearly every third car sold in Norway last year was a zero-emission vehicle, with sales of electric cars shooting up by another 40 percent over 2017. More than 35,000 Norwegians are also on waiting lists to buy electric cars called elbiler, meaning that 2019 is expected to be another banner year. “The development is going […]

Electric ‘city cars’ getting ready to roll

Scores of identical small electric cars have been neatly parked for the past week or so on property owned by state railway NSB in Oslo. They’re ready to be shared among Oslo residents who’ll soon be able to borrow them when needed, as NSB breaks into a new market that can compete with taxis and discourage […]

Electric car owners start losing benefits

Owners of electric cars in Norway, and especially in the capital, have enjoyed lots of benefits meant to encourage their purchase. Many are starting to lose their exemption from road tolls and now the City of Oslo intends to demand payment for using recharging stations that have been free. The cars called elbiler have been […]

Tesla flies in repair crews

Business has still been booming for Tesla electric cars in Norway, with the California-based carmaker registering 3,141 new cars in Norway during the first half of this year, according to state motor vehicle authorities. That’s up 85 percent over the same period last year, but problems with many Tesla cars in Norway have forced the […]

Road tolls going up again in Oslo

Drivers of gasoline- and diesel-fueled vehicles recently saw road tolls into Oslo jump to NOK 49 (USD 6.40), and higher if driving in from the west. Now they daily face tolls of as much as NOK 160, while owners of electric cars will be charged for the first time as well, albeit much less. A […]

Tesla recall can hit 11,000 Norwegians

Norway has long been one of the biggest markets for Tesla luxury electric cars, meaning that as many as 11,000 Norwegians are now finding their vehicles subject to recall. At the same time, electric car sales continue to boom in Norway, and even outpaced sales last month of conventional vehicles that use gasoline or diesel. […]