Electricity rates set to jump

Norway’s once-reasonable electricity rates look set to rise again, this time because of a surprising lack of water in mountain reservoirs that had been expected to generate hydro-electric power. A recent heat wave over Southern Norway prompted more snow and ice to evaporate instead of melting and filling dams. Summer usually brings lower electricity bills, […]

Sparks fly over the EU energy union

Debate over whether Norway should join the EU’s new energy union, and thus subject itself to EU market regulation, was reaching fever pitch this week. The issue has divided not only the Parliament but also the already-weakened Labour Party, as fears rise over the potential for much higher electricity rates that would hurt not only […]

Bitter cold boosts electricity rates

Norway has long enjoyed relatively reasonable electricity rates because of its vast reserves of hydroelectric power, but they hit their highest level in more than a year this month. Bitterly cold temperatures are to blame. “When cold weather sets in, demand rises for electricity,” noted Stina Johansen of the electricity exchange NordPool. She told news […]

Holiday lights help brighten the nights

PHOTO FEATURE: Stores closed and streets fell silent as Norway settled into its traditional three-day Christmas celebrations on julaften (Sunday this year). Massive arrays of holiday lights, however, will continue to brighten the darkness of mid-winter in Oslo and other cities, exactly 125 years after Norway’s capital got its first electric streetlamps. It wasn’t always […]

New meters may raise electricity bills

Hafslund Nett, the major network supplier of electricity in the Oslo area, has begun the process of replacing all of the roughly 700,000 electricity meters in its region. The new “smart” meters will eliminate the need for customers to send in meter readings, but are also likely to leave them with higher bills. Installation of the new meters, which […]

Another strike can cut out electricity

Just as signs emerged that Norway’s train strike may be rolling towards a settlement, another strike threatened to result in power failures around the country. Hundreds of thousands of electricity customers may be affected after a strike by electrical workers spread again this week. The strike has been underway since talks broke down more than a month […]

IEA urges higher electricity rates

If there’s one thing that’s relatively reasonably priced in Norway, it’s electricity, but international experts think electricity rates could and should double within the next 15 years. They also think diesel- and gasoline-driven cars will all but disappear by 2050. These are among conclusions in a new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), the independent organization set […]

Electricity bills going up

Full reservoirs in the mountains of Norway were expected to provide an abundant supply of hydroelectric power this winter, and keep household electricity bills low. Higher taxes on electricity, however, mean most Norwegians are seeing a rise in their monthly bills. News bureau NTB reports that higher consumption tax is being tacked on to the so-called […]

Extreme cold sets electricity records

An Arctic freeze that descended first on Northern Norway, and now on Southern Norway, has led to record levels of electricity consumption in the country’s most northerly counties. Never before had they used as much electricity as they did on Wednesday of this week. Statnett, in charge of Norway’s power grid, reported that Finnmark, Troms […]

New power cables abroad ‘will boost prices at home’

An announcement on Monday that state power network operator Statnett has won approval to build new electricity cables to Germany and the UK means electricity prices in Norway are likely to rise, according to analysts. The government, however, thinks the new undersea cables will make better use of Norway’s power system. Norway’s possibilities for exporting electricity […]