Record-high electricity prices spark concern

Norwegians accustomed to relatively reasonable electricity prices, because of all their waterfalls and hydro-electric energy, are sizzling over the biggest bills they’ve ever seen at this time of year. The reason: little rain, little wind and little water in reservoirs. Newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad reported over the weekend how the water level in one reservoir in […]

February freeze turns expensive

Norway’s already record-high electricity rates rose even higher this week as thermometers fell all over the country. Hardly any temperatures above the freezing point have been recorded in recent days, making the winter wonderland not so wonderful after all. Skiers and skaters have been out enjoying one of the coldest winters in years. Some can’t […]

Electricity rates jump in the cold

One of the coldest January months in many years has sent electric rates soaring as thermometers sank. Market rates passed their highest level in five years on Monday, meaning that most Norwegians need to brace for some mighty big bills ahead. “We had a real jump today,” Bengt Haugnes, in charge of power trading for […]

Snow knocked out power lines

Thousands of households and holiday homes experienced frequent and lengthy power failures this week, after lots of heavy wet snow fell all over southeastern Norway. More than 60 homes in Østre Toten were without electricity for 44 hours, while romjul holidays were spoiled for lots of those taking time off at holiday cabins. That’s because […]

Electricity prices set to stay low

The price of electricity has never been so low in Norway, after lots of snow in the mountains last winter and lots of rain this summer have fueled the country’s hydroelectric plants. Analysts think electricity rates will stay low throughout the fall and winter. “Rates are lying at around 1.5 øre (1.5 percent of a […]

Power failure hit Trysil ski resort

More than 11,000 people lost electricity in Engerdal and in the popular ski resort town of Trysil in eastern Norway on Sunday. The power failure also left ski lifts standing still. The power went out around noon, and was sorely felt by hotels and the ski resort at Trysil, which is full of tourists during […]

Electricity rates fall back

Warmer weather and more precipitation have helped bring down electricity rates in Norway, after an unusually expensive January. They hit their lowest level in three months this past week. “We’ve gone from a situation with cold, winter weather to milder, and not least wetter, weather forecasts,” John Brottesmo, a power analyst for Kinect Energy, told […]

Government won’t cap electricity rates

As Norwegians brace for more shockingly high electricity bills this month, they can’t expect much if any help from the government. Oil & Energy Minister Kjell-Børge Freiberg is rejecting calls to set a maximum level and thus cap rates before they go any higher. The calls are coming from thousands of Norwegians over social media, […]

Electricity rates hit record highs

Wildly changing weather patterns last year, and a lack of snow in the mountains, have sent electricity rates soaring. Norwegian consumers are getting some shocking bills this month, double what they were at this time last year. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported on Wednesday that electricity rates have never been so high in Norway, a […]

Power speculator’s losses cost others

Einar Aas, a media-shy man from the southern coastal town of Grimstad, ranked as having Norway’s highest income last year. He also paid more tax than any other person in Norway, but now he faces personal bankruptcy after losing badly on his investments in the power market. Newspapers Dagens Næringsliv (DN) and Fædrelandsvennen in Kristiansand […]