A-ha musician helps transform Fornebu

PHOTO FEATURE: Fornebu, the former site of Oslo’s main airport just west of the city, has been undergoing a major transformation since the airport closed and a new one opened at Gardermoen in 1998. It’s taken time for Fornebu’s redevelopment to take shape, but now the former runways are parks, new residential and commercial projects have opened and […]

New hidden posts wait to be found

The hills and forests around Oslo are now sporting 50 new posts of interest, waiting to be found by eager skiers and hikers. Hundreds lined up again on Sunday to punch their first post in the latest edition of the local ski association’s book containing them all, called the Kjentmannmerket’s handbook. The book and program behind it takes its […]

High season at the Oslo Cathedral

It’s high season at the newly refurbished Oslo Cathedral (Oslo Domkirke) with concerts and special events highlighting the weeks leading up to traditional church services held through the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. The band belonging to His Majesty the King’s Guards performed recently for the king at the annual Military Parade (gardeparade). The Oslo […]

Grabbing a fall fling on the fjord

EXCURSIONS: The sun is sinking visibly lower in the sky all over Norway, but while it’s still shining over the Oslo Fjord, it’s possible to soak up what’s left of it with a cruise over to Nesodden or around the islands. It doesn’t even have to be your last before next summer. While many of […]

Huck Finn’s spirit alive in ‘marka’

EXCURSIONS: Norway’s forests and streams are long from the Mississippi, but nonetheless can offer the casual hiker a chance to be like Huckleberry Finn for a day. One popular trail on the outskirts of Oslo runs right over a body of water, but a raft is standing by to cross it. The unusual hiking experience […]

Island-hopping in the Oslo Fjord

EXCURSIONS: Even though Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) recently declared that another summer is over, the weather can still be nice, at least in the inner Oslo Fjord. For those yearning to extend the summer season, it’s still fully possible to hop on a local ferry and head out to the picturesque islands that dot the fjord. […]

Waterfront walk to a royal retreat

EXCURSIONS: Anyone passing through Oslo has likely seen the fairy-tale-like castle perched on the slopes of the Bygdøy peninsula, just across the water from the busy E18 highway. It’s called Oscarshall, it re-opened to the public last year and can be the historic goal of a regal walk along Oslo’s waterfront. The little castle, called […]

A touch of the tropics near Oslo

EXCURSIONS: Yes, it really can get warm in Norway during the summer and we found a lush, scenic gorge complete with waterfalls less than an hour outside the nation’s capital. Come with us to see a touch of the tropics, here in the far north. The gorge is called Asdøljuvet, and it’s one of 50 […]

Ski jump opens, closes, opens…

Oslo’s new national monument, the re-built Holmenkollen Ski Jump, was supposed to start welcoming paying visitors over the weekend after finally opening to the public. Its brand-new elevator, though, couldn’t handle the crowds and got stuck, forcing the tower to close on both Saturday and Sunday. Hiccups continued on Monday, when Views and News made […]

Midsummer in magical ‘marka’

EXCURSIONS: Wednesday was Norway’s version of Midsummer Eve, known as Sankthansaften, and the weather was pretty close to perfect for the traditional boat rides and bonfires. We decided to head inland, though, to the forests called marka that surround Oslo, and it was a memorable afternoon and evening indeed. Norway’s capital, like most Norwegian cities […]