Farmer jailed after neglecting animals

A Norwegian man has been sentenced to eight months in prison after state food and animal authorities found 340 dead pigs and at least another 45 either injured or sick on his farm in Jæren, southwestern Norway. It was the latest in a string of abuse cases in a farming industry that otherwise bills itself […]

Fish over cheese in Brexit talks

Norway’s left-leaning newspaper Dagsavisen has long supported subsidies and tariff protection for farmers in Norway, but now thinks they should let more British cheese into the country if it means Norway can sell more processed fish to the UK. The paper printed a surprising rebuke to Norway’s protectionist farm lobby in an editorial this week, […]

Police find 80 dead sheep in Troms

In what appears to be a new case of animal neglect, police in Northern Norway found 80 dead sheep on a farm in Midt-Troms. Another 11 had to be killed to alleviate their own suffering. Police were reluctant to release details of the animal tragedy, but Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that they were investigating apparent […]

More wolves shot but ‘not enough’

A few more wolves have been shot in Southern- and Eastern Norway in recent weeks, including one in the mountains above Ringsaker and another in Søndre Land. A total of 12 were authorized to be gunned down in Hedmark, Oslo, Akershus and Østfold, but six have escaped so far. The hunters have until May 31 […]

State strikes quick deal with farmers

Norway’s annual negotiations with chronically dissatisfied farmers were shortened and simplified this year, because of extraordinary conditions created by the Corona virus crisis. Existing agreements were extended and the framework for food production clarified, “and that’s more important than ever,” stated the outgoing head of the national farmers’s organization Norges Bondelag. Lars Petter Bartnes, who’ll […]

Dead wolf was poisoned

Police in eastern Norway have confirmed that a dead wolf found floating in a lake in the small community of Åsnes in Hedmark was poisoned. Wolves have also been found poisoned earlier in the same area, and police are calling the incidents “extremely serious.” They’ve also found bait laced with the poisonous chemicals contained in […]

Another farmer shut down after abuse

Conditions for animals on a farm in Trøndelag were so bad that state authorities shut it down last week. Around 300 animals including sheep, hens, horses, cows and pigs were being sent for forced slaughter. “The violations (of animals rights laws) involve lengthy periods of negligence regarding the needs the animals had for water, rest, […]

Three farmers charged with animal abuse

The economic crime unit of Norway’s national police (Økokrim) has charged three Norwegian farmers raising pork with violations of animal welfare laws. All the farmers are among those featured in a shocking documentary on state broadcaster NRK’s Brennpunkt program last summer. The documentary showed Norwegian farmers badly mistreating pigs who also were being kept under […]

Minister scolds animal rights activists

Norway’s agriculture minister claims the country’s meat industry has no reason to be ashamed and that rising criticism of it can be taken out of perspective. Her comments came after a group of animal rights activists chained themselves last week to the gate of a slaughterhouse in Eidsvoll. Around 50 activists had turned up demanding […]

‘Food production must be changed’

Norwegians must join the rest of the world in eating less meat, and stop developing untouched natural areas, declared Norway’s government minister in charge of climate and environmental issue on Thursday. Ola Elvestuen was reacting to the UN Climate Panel’s report that calls for radical changes in how food is produced. The report stresses that […]