Pork industry’s secrets revealed

Norwegian farmers’ carefully cultivated image of taking good care of their animals in almost idyllic settings was shattered Wednesday night. An NRK documentary revealed widespread animal abuse among those raising pork, along with cynical attitudes among farmers who were well aware they were violating Norway’s animal welfare regulations, and seemed immune to the suffering they […]

Norway formally bans fur farming

A majority in Norway’s Parliament voted as expected this week to formally ban fur farming from February 2025. Some Members of Parliament from the government parties reluctantly went along with the ban, which marked a victory for the small Liberal Party. The Liberals had been agitating for a ban on fur farming for years, following […]

Farmers struck new deal with the state

Norwegian farmers opted against driving their tractors into Oslo and protesting in front of Parliament again this year. They accepted an offer of NOK 1.24 billion (USD 147 million) in state support just before the holiday weekend, much less than what they demanded but enough to fund pay hikes and innovation. “I’m glad we reached […]

Sow gives birth to 26 piglets

The pig pen at an ecological farm in Vang near Hamar was mighty full heading into the weekend. A sow named Gode Gloria (Good Gloria) gave birth to no less than 26 piglets on Tuesday, nearly double the size of a sow’s normal litter. “First we got two, then four, then eight little pigs,” farmer […]

Frost may boost farmers’ demands

If the government wasn’t under enough pressure to boost funding for farmers, the weather has added to it. Unseasonable nighttime frost has hit fruit growers hard, with one farmer in Telemark unable to find a single apple on any of his 13,000 trees. “It’s not possible to be 100 percent certain, but it looks very, […]

Farmers demand more subisidies

Norway’s powerful farm lobby presented record-high subsidy demands of NOK 1.92 billion on Monday. They’re encouraged that they’ll be dealing with a new agriculture minister from the Christian Democrats party this year, who’s viewed as much more farmer-friendly than her recent predecessors from the Progress Party. Agriculture Minister Olaug Bollestad, who also serves as a […]

Sheep delivered seven lambs

Sheep rancher Øystein Knutsen said he could hardly believe it when one of his ewes gave birth Easter Sunday morning to no less than seven lambs. All of them, including the ewe herself, survived. Three days later, an unusually large flock was stumbling around in Knutsen’s barn at Vang in Hamar. Three of the lambs […]

Climate criticism hits Center Party

One deputy leader of the Center Party with a stake in the oil business wants Norway to pump up as much oil and gas as it can, while another is listening to calls for a more climate- and environment-friendly profile. As otherwise upbeat party members gathered for their annual national meeting this weekend, they’re split […]

Police probe attempt to poison wolves

Someone has tried to poison Norway’s largest wolf pack, known as Kynnareviret, which roams in an area between Våler and Åsnes in Hedmark County. Police have found poisoned bait in six separate locations this winter, not far from the cadaver of a moose that had been killed by wolves just before the Christmas holidays. “This […]

Record warmth ‘frightening’

Thermometers hit nearly 19C (around 67F) in some parts of Southern Norway on Tuesday, setting off a winter heat wave that both meteorologists and farmers are calling “frightening.” The warmth set new records for February, but it’s not being warmly received. “Something is very wrong,” Gurine Seland, a farmer in Aust-Agder, told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) […]