MPs quarrel over vaccination priority

NEWS ANALYSIS: A government decision late last week to give priority in the vaccination queue to Members of Parliament, judges and a few hundred other public officials (including themselves) has set off heated debate. Now several MPs and Health Minister Bent Høie himself have declined the offer to get vaccinated earlier than their age group […]

UD repatriates as Corona costs rise

Norway’s foreign ministry (Utenriksdepartementet, UD) has decided to help bring Norwegians home from isolated areas of China, cooperating with other European countries in an effort to hinder the spread of the potentially fatal Corona virus. The virus is already taking a financial toll on tourism, the Oslo Stock Exchange and, not least, Norway’s already-weak currency, […]

Norway can pay to avoid climate cuts

A loophole in Norway’s agreement with the EU to cut Norwegian carbon emissions will once again allow the country made wealthy by its oil industry to pay other countries to cut their emissions instead. Some government politicians are already talking about financing emissions cuts in poor Eastern European countries, so that Norway’s oil industry can […]

Nuclear fears spur call for iodine pills

Norwegian authorities issued an unusual warning on Tuesday. They claim the risk of nuclear accidents has risen, and they’re asking communities and pharmacies all over the country to stock up on iodine pills to help fend off cancer following any spread of radiation. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that the state health directorate (Helsedirektoratet) is worried […]

Norwegians warned against unfiltered coffee

Norway’s public health directorate is warning the country’s coffee-loving population against drinking the non-filtered variety. Coffee that’s pressed, boiled on the stove or even brewed in fancy machines contains oils that can raise cholesterol levels. The warning, broadcast on NRK’s nationwide newscast Dagsrevyen Sunday night, is bad news for Norwegians who are passionate about their […]

Norwegians getting fatter

Health authorities in Norway are ringing alarms once again because rising numbers of Norwegians are now suffering from obesity. A new survey indicates that a quarter of all adults in Norway are simply too fat. “We see a worrisome development among young adults and adults,” Dr Haakon E Meyer of the state public health insitute […]

Number of smokers cut by half

Only 12 percent of the Norwegian population now smokes, half as many who smoked 10 years ago. More Norwegians are using chewing tobacco, though, according to new numbers from state statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway). All told, 18 percent of the Norwegian population uses one of more products containing nicotine, reported SSB on Thursday, which […]

Virus forces hotel to close

An outbreak of the norovirus, which can cause severe stomach upset, has forced the popular Klækken Hotel in Ringerike to close for at least four days. Local health authorities reported on Thursday that around 230 people had fallen ill after working and staying at the hotel. Dr Karin Møller of the local health authority stressed that the […]

Smoking is ‘out’ for Norwegian teens

No teenagers in Europe smoke less than young Norwegians, according to a new survey, and the number of Norwegian youth who’ve even tried smoking has taken a dive over the past 20 years. Researchers link the decline to everything from strict anti-smoking regulations to high tobacco prices, health and fitness concerns and a new form of youthful […]

Pregnant women warned against travel to Singapore

Norway’s public health institute (Folkehelseinstitutt) has warned pregnant Norwegian women against traveling to Singapore, where authorities are fighting an outbreak of the zika virus that can cause serious deformities in babies. Singapore became the first country in Asia to confirm an outbreak last week, and suspect the virus has been transmitted by mosquitos. More than […]