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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Tag: immigration

Immigrants struggle with Norwegian

It's not easy to learn the Norwegian language, confirm the vast majority of new immigrants. Only 30 percent of those who have arrived in...

New ministers tackle asylum deluge

The new Norwegian government, feeling overrun by asylum-seekers streaming into the country, has restructured the ministries dealing with asylum issues and allocated billions to...

New book adds new drama to Norwegian emigration

For years it's been estimated that around 800,000 Norwegians have emigrated to North America, in search of a better life. Now a new book...

Immigrant penalized for trying to learn Norwegian

Jordan Daniel Groves from New Zealand thought he was doing what the Norwegian authorities expected of him: Going to Norwegian classes to learn the...

Polish workers leave Norway, Swedes are sticking around

If you spend any time at all in Oslo these days, it's easy to get the impression that there are lots of Swedes in...

Citizenship may soon hinge on tests

Immigrants who want to become Norwegian citizens may soon be required to pass tests of the Norwegian language, Norwegian history, civics and values. The...

Guest workers don't want to leave

Thousands of European workers who moved to Norway during the boom times of recent years now don't want to leave even when they've lost...

Norway's highest mountain challenges new immigrants

Organizers insisted it wasn't meant to be an initiation rite into life in Norway, but they nonetheless encouraged a large group of new immigrants...



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