2.7% pay raises helped avert strike

Marathon mediation through the weekend finally warded off a major strike in Norway that would have pulled more than 30,000 workers off the job and distrupted ferry- and bus service around the country. The breakthrough came after Norwegian national employers’ organization NHO gave up a controversial claim that would have resulted in a loss of […]

Annual wage talks off to a rough start

NEWS ANALYSIS: Fury, frustration and sorrow preceded the ceremonial start of annual wage talks on Wednesday between Norway’s largest trade union federation LO and national employers organization NHO. Prospects for strikes this spring are high, even in the midst of the pandemic, after NHO’s leader demanded that workers accept an actual decline in purchasing power even […]

Shock and sorrow after LO boss dies

Top Norwegian politicians from left to right were mourning the sudden death on Tuesday of the country’s largest trade union federation’s leader, Hans-Christian Gabrielsen. The LO boss is believed to have suffered a massive heart attack while sleeping, at the age of 53. “Hans-Christian didn’t wake up this morning,” Peggy Hessen Følsvik, LO’s deputy leader, […]

Commuters return despite third wave

A sudden sharp rise in Corona infection, not least among workers at some construction sites in Oslo, is prompting Norwegian health officials to brace for a third wave of the virus. The government nonetheless intends to open borders to those living in Sweden or Finland and needing to commute daily to jobs in Norway. After […]

Norway over-reliant on foreign workers

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway’s over-reliance on relatively low-paid foreign workers in a variety of industries, not least fishing, has become glaringly apparent during the Corona crisis. It has also contributed to the demise of the working class in Norway, and may explain why the Labour Party has been losing voters for years. Problems first started literally […]

Wizz Air shuts new Trondheim base

Cut-rate carrier Wizz Air is already closing the new base it set up in Trondheim last fall. The move comes just a few turbulent months after its entry into Norway’s domestic market was met by labour complaints, regulatory challenges and what the airline itself claims are organized boycotts. Wizz Air officials told newspaper Dagens Næringsliv […]

Pastors end strike after prayers answered

The labour organization representing pastors in the Norwegian Church ended a month-long strike this week, after securing a significant raise in base pay. Strike leaders called that “a victory, both for pastors and other church employees.” The Norwegian Church is no longer a state church but still receives most of its funding from the state, […]

Imported infection now biggest threat

Local officials around Norway are sounding alarms over surprisingly high numbers of Norwegians who’ve been out traveling in recent weeks, and brought Corona virus infection home with them. Thousands of foreign workers and NATO soldiers are now arriving, too, prompting one doctor to call the influx “absolutely crazy.” More Norwegians are getting tested than ever […]

Pastors on strike during holidays

A highly unusual strike among pastors in The Norwegian Church continued through the Christmas holidays. It’s the first time pastors have walked off the job in Norway, and possibly in the world, according to their labour organizations. The strike began earlier this month, over the looming loss of compensation for housing that the clergy was […]

Cheap tickets get Norway flying again

Low-fare carrier Wizz Air is launching new airline routes within Norway this week, prompting rivals to also sell tickets that can cost less than a bus ride in the Oslo area. A professor at the Norwegian business school NHH notes that low fares can always win over Corona fears and Wizz Air’s controversial aversion to […]