May Day dissolved into political attacks

Leaden skies and chilly temperatures put a damper on the May 1st Labour Day festivities in Oslo and elsewhere around southern Norway. An unusual personal attack also rained down on the leader of the Labour Party, as the right-wing Progress Party resorted to particularly tough tactics in trying to woo working class voters. “He (Labour […]

Settlement averts massive strike

There was a collective sigh of relief in Norway on Sunday, after the country’s employers’ organization NHO and two of its largest trade union federations finally came to terms, 15 hours after a strike deadline had passed. The strike would have called 35,000 workers off the job and crippled everything from bus and ferry transport […]

Labour talks extended into overtime

Mediation to avoid a massive strike in Norway extended well into overtime on Sunday, postponing a walkout of roughly 35,000 employees in the private sector. Leaders of the country’s national employers’ organization and largest trade union federations kept talking long after Saturday’s midnight deadline, but the distance between them was reportedly great. State mediator Nils […]

35,000 poised to go out on strike

Norwegians may be wise to get their hair cut, stock up on bread, wine and coffee, and brace for bus and ferry chaos next week. Hair salons, bakeries and transport firms are just some of the private sector businesses targeted in a national strike that will begin from Sunday April 8, if employers’ and workers’ […]

Labour talks fail, strike threatened

Negotiations over new labour contracts between Norway’s national employers’ organization NHO and the two large trade union federations LO and YS broke down on Thursday. Now it’s up to the national mediator to avoid a major strike in the private sector. “We’ve been negotiating for nearly 14 days,” said LO leader Hans-Christian Gabrielsen. “We have […]

Talks in overtime averted train strike

State railroad workers won a new collective bargaining agreement late Tuesday afternoon, after 17 hours of negotiations in overtime with the new state railroad agency Bane Nor. That heads off a train strike that threatened to disrupt service on several lines. Commuters could thus breathe a sigh of relief, as could both sides involved in […]

Wage growth remains low

Salaries earned by the vast majority of Norwegians have registered the lowest growth in nearly two decades, according to a new report from state statistics bureau SSB. SSB reported that average monthly pay for all employees in Norway rose by 2.3 percent from September 2016 to September 2017. That was up from growth of just […]

Giske fights on, as does his partner

The embattled Norwegian Labour Party’s shamed star, Trond Giske, still isn’t giving up his fight against all the sexual harassment charges that have piled up against him. He’s now sent a letter contesting several of the charges, while his live-in partner, entertainer Haddy Njie, has written a letter of her own in which she blasts […]

High executive pay stirs up protests

It now only takes 21 work days for top executives in Norway to earn what’s considered to be the country’s average full-year salary of NOK 524,600 (USD 68,000). New figures outlining pay and benefits for the chief executives of Norway’s major companies show a widening gap that’s provoking some politicians and labour union leaders. A […]

Chances ‘high’ for major spring strikes

UPDATED: Trade union negotiating season looms in Norway, and this year everything from pay to pensions and benefits will be on the table. Dissatisfaction over pension plans has left union leaders demanding changes, and prompting threats of major labour disruptions this spring. “The chances for storstreik (a major strike involving a wide range of labour […]