Wounded moose went on attack

Hunters who shot but didn’t manage to kill a fully grown moose ox ended up setting off a dramatic chain of events over the weekend that ended with a member of their hunting team being flown to a hospital in Lillehammer. The wounded moose, clearly in pain and angry, reacted by going on the attack […]

Island overrun by moose

A small island off Norway’s northern coastline of Helgeland has been all but overrun by moose, who now outnumber residents by two to one. Local newspaper Brønnøysunds Avis said that parents now fear for the safety of their small children. Moose are generally shy animals, but they’re extremely large and can become aggressive if provoked. […]

Nordland train route fatal for wildlife

Animal rights advocates and now the Sami Parliament (Sametinget) in Northern Norway are demanding construction of fences along Norway’s northernmost train line, Nordlandsbanen, to help keep both wildlife and herds of reindeer off the tracks. Hundreds of reindeer, moose and deer are killed every year in bloody collisions between the animals and the trains. Locomotive […]

Critics blast ending to moose drama

The latest urban misadventure of a Norwegian moose over the weekend ended not only with shots inside a busy train tunnel, but with criticism from animal rights group NOAH. No thought was given, the group claims, to how frightened the moose must have been, while a deer suffered the same sad fate. The drama began […]

Moose meat peddled in Germany

Among the various Norwegian products on offer at a major food exposition in Germany last week was moose meat, specifically moose burgers, which disappeared almost as quickly as promoters could fry them up and serve them. “Moose (called elg in Norwegian) is exotic in Germany, and we see that in the sale of ‘elg-burgers,’” Trygve […]

Moose rescued from the ice

SEE THE VIDEO: Life isn’t always easy for the Norwegian moose, especially young moose. This week, a calf wandered out onto a frozen lake southeast of Trondheim, Selbusjøen, and promptly ran into trouble. Just like in the classic Walt Disney cartoon about Bambi, the baby deer, this (relatively) little moose simply couldn’t stand up. But […]

Moose suddenly went on attack

A moose out grazing this week on the lush vegetation of what’s normally a downhill ski run in the winter suddenly attacked a female athlete who was part of a group competing in a race up the hill. It’s become popular in recent years for Norwegians to run up steep ski runs, part of a […]

Another moose shot in Oslo

Yet another moose wandered too far from the safer forests around Norway’s capital on Friday, and ended having to be shot on a street in the busy Majorstuen neighborhood of Oslo. The moose was first spotted around the parking lot of Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK)’s headquarters at Marienlyst around midday. More calls came in to the […]

Moose most dangerous in full moon

Researchers at a college in the eastern Norwegian county of Hedmark (Høyskølen i Hedmark) have determined that moose are most dangerous in the full moon. Not because they start howling or become aggressive, but because that’s when the most vehicular collisions with moose occur. Accident statistics from insurance company Tryg show that the danger of […]

Southern moose have poorer health

Research into moose in Norway suggests that those roaming the forests of the south suffer from a host of physical ailments and disadvantages not found in their northern cousins. Among the differences identified in recent studies, southern moose weighed 20 kilograms less on average than northern moose of the same age, and also had far […]