Moose starved to death

Wildlife authorities have confirmed the deaths by starving of nearly 40 moose in north-central Norway, and fear the numbers will rise. A disputed reduction in hunting has allowed the moose population to grow beyond natural sources of food in winter. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported Tuesday that the cadavers of 39 moose have been found in […]

New ‘bloodbath’ on the Nordland train line

State railroad Bane Nor has been under pressure to build fences along the tracks of the country’s northernmost train line, Nordlandsbanen, after a series of collisions with reindeer. Now comes news that they’re not the only animals to fall victim to the trains this winter. Newspaper Rana No reported this week that 148 moose have […]

Moose fell onto metro tracks, halting service

A wayward moose, possibly hungry and confused by all the snow that’s fallen in the Oslo area lately, wound up roaming into suburban Bærum on Tuesday and onto a bridge. The large animal then fell from the bridge onto the tracks of the Oslo area’s public transit metro line, with fatal consequences. Jan Rustad, spokesman […]

Hunters shot and killed moose in park

Earlier this week, a moose hunter near Oslo shot a wolf that attacked his dog. Now a hunting team in Northern Norway has shot and killed a moose and her calf who were on display in a local zoo, after the hunters’ dog had intruded into their fenced enclosure. Moose hunting season began this month, and there […]

Three killed in collision with a moose

The eastern city of Elverum in Hedmark County was in sorrow this week after three teenagers riding in a car driven at high speed collided with a moose just before the weekend. The driver of the car, an 18-year-old from nearby Hamar, escaped with minor injuries. All four were friends and police were still trying […]

NRK catches lots of moose on the move

The host and a cameraman for Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK)’s popular nature program “Ut i naturen” got much more than they’d dreamed of when they traveled to the mountain area of Folldal this winter. They hoped to capture some video of moose to illustrate a story about unusually large moose in the forests, and ended up […]

Moose frozen solid in Norwegian lake

A little town in northern Norway has a gruesome new attraction after a moose became trapped in a lake and froze solid. Locals from Furnes in Valnesfjord, Nordland said the moose appeared to be fighting its way out of the icy water when it died. Inger Sjøberg told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) she was out skating […]

Moose hunter hits man on his toilet

In an almost surreal chain of events, a moose hunter in Norway ended up shooting an elderly man who thought he was safely sitting on the toilet inside his own holiday cottage. The moose, meanwhile, got away. The 70-year-old victim of the errant shooting ended up being airlifted to Ullevål University Hospital in Oslo, where […]

Wounded moose went on attack

Hunters who shot but didn’t manage to kill a fully grown moose ox ended up setting off a dramatic chain of events over the weekend that ended with a member of their hunting team being flown to a hospital in Lillehammer. The wounded moose, clearly in pain and angry, reacted by going on the attack […]

Island overrun by moose

A small island off Norway’s northern coastline of Helgeland has been all but overrun by moose, who now outnumber residents by two to one. Local newspaper Brønnøysunds Avis said that parents now fear for the safety of their small children. Moose are generally shy animals, but they’re extremely large and can become aggressive if provoked. […]