Peace Prize aims to help fight hunger

The Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to the UN World Food Programme (WFP), for its efforts to combat hunger not least in the middle of the Corona pandemic. The committee’s choice was also motivated by what it called an urgent need for more international solidarity and multilateral cooperation. Both “seem to […]

Journalists top lists of Nobel candidates

Two Oslo-based experts on the Nobel Peace Prize have each independently selected organizations representing journalists as this year’s most worthy candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize. Press freedom and the ability to question authority, both claim, is now more important than ever in a world full of “devastating conflicts and repressive regimes.” Henrik Urdal, director […]

Corona cuts back Peace Prize party

Whoever wins this year’s Nobel Peace Prize won’t be hailed inside a packed Oslo City Hall, or at a traditional banquet afterwards with royalty present. The Corona pandemic has forced major changes in how the Peace Prize will be awarded, and in some ways the ceremony now planned is going back to its more modest […]

Norway caught in squeeze over China

Four years after finally ending a diplomatic freeze with China, Norway has found itself needing to choose sides in new Chinese conflicts, now related to China’s role in the Corona virus crisis. Norway wants to stay on good terms with everyone, but it’s not easy. Norway’s most important allies all back an independent probe of […]

Tears and laughter at Nobel ceremony

The Norwegian Nobel Committee’s carefully orchestrated Peace Prize ceremony dissolved into laughter on Tuesday when the committee’s leader almost forgot to award this year’s prize. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali received it in end, though, as some members of the audience wiped away tears and created a bit of a mob scene on his […]

Cameras met the Peace Prize winner

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali arrived in Oslo late in the day on Monday, and faced an immediate glare of camera lights and questions he couldn’t avoid. The smiling winner of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize answered a few but then had to be whisked away for the delayed beginning to his visit that […]

Peace Prize winner avoids questions

The Norwegian Nobel Committee is grappling with some awkward challenges just days before the man they selected to win this year’s Nobel Peace Prize arrives in Oslo. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali has made it clear he won’t attend any event where he could publicly be asked questions, either by the press or even […]

Another Nobel Peace Prize for Africa

The leader of the Norwegian Nobel Committee made it clear on Friday that this year’s Nobel Peace Prize isn’t just aimed at recognizing and encouraging Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali for his efforts to secure peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea. It’s also meant to help resolve conflicts in the region, and is the latest […]

China meets some new opposition

NEWS ANALYSIS: Nine years after the Norwegian Nobel Committee infuriated Chinese officials by awarding the Peace Prize to jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiabao, the conciliatory tone that other Norwegian officials felt forced to adopt may finally get tougher. Telia Norge’s decision this week to dump Huawei as a supplier for the mobile operator’s 5G network […]

Nobel Committee ready for spotlight

The five members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee have once again been huddling for months over who should win this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. Speculation was flying around 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg, but experts were skeptical and think other candidates including journalist- and arms control organizations were more worthy and likely to win on […]