Nobel speculation embraces ‘MeToo’

With two new members, one of them decribed as “a hard-core realist,” the Norwegian Nobel Committee is believed to have engaged in particularly “hefty debate” this year over who will win the Nobel Peace Prize next week. Speculation among Oslo-based experts on the Peace Prize process has centered on nominees tied to the hard realities […]

Obama tickets sold for NOK 32,000

Former US President Barack Obama was due to arrive in Oslo on Wednesday, under vastly different circumstances than when he made a triumphant landing to accept his Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. This time Norwegians are paying him cash to come, and lots of it. Obama will be speaking to around 3,000 business leaders and […]

Chinese Embassy bashes Nobel leader

UPDATED: Berit Reiss-Andersen, a Norwegian attorney who leads the Norwegian Nobel Committee, is relieved and glad that the widow of Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo has finally been released from house arrest in China. Now the committee may finally be able to present his Nobel Peace Prize posthumously, to her, while the Chinese Embassy in Oslo […]

Nobel Institute drops concert

After years of mounting an internationally televised concert in connection with the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, the Norwegian Nobel Institute says it’s taking “temporary leave” to “re-think” the concert’s format and content. There will be no concert after this year’s prize is awarded in December, also a reflection of the concert’s “challenging financial situation” in […]

Fast-food salmon chains target Asia

Norwegian salmon producers and entrepreneurs aren’t only keen to boost sales of fresh fish in Asia. Now they’re investing heavily in exporting new fast-food restaurant chains with only salmon on the menu. One of the new chains, called “Pink Fish,” opened its first fast-food salmon restaurant in Oslo last fall, in the basement food-court of […]

Police probe Nobel nomination

A police investigation is underway after the Norwegian Nobel Committee uncovered an invalid nomination of US President Donald J Trump for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. The person identified as having nominated Trump denies having done so, and now the committee thinks a similar Trump nomination last year was false as well. Strict rules apply […]

Progress Party finds a new Nobel man

Norway’s conservative Progress Party has found a new conservative candidate to fill the seat it’s been allotted on the Norwegian Nobel Committee. Scholar Asle Toje, who’s currently research director at the Norwegian Nobel Institute, is likely to be approved by the Parliament as a whole. “If the Parliament approves (the party’s) choice of me, I […]

Ex-NATO chief eyed for Nobel seat

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former Danish secretary general of NATO, is among as many as 10 people under consideration by Norway’s Progress Party to fill its seat on the Norwegian Nobel Committee, reports newspaper Aftenposten. The irony of a former military alliance leader choosing winners of the Nobel Peace Prize did not escape comment. Rasmussen, […]

Nuclear fears spur call for iodine pills

Norwegian authorities issued an unusual warning on Tuesday. They claim the risk of nuclear accidents has risen, and they’re asking communities and pharmacies all over the country to stock up on iodine pills to help fend off cancer following any spread of radiation. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that the state health directorate (Helsedirektoratet) is worried […]

Support for nuke ban lit up the streets

A Norwegian professor is among those who nominated this year’s winner of the  Nobel Peace Prize. He’s far from the only one to strongly support the work of the  International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), as thousands of Norwegians also took to the streets to hail ICAN leaders. “I’m so glad the (Norwegian Nobel) […]