Pirates attacked Norwegian ship

Norwegian shipowning JJ Ugland Companies claimed on Monday that it was doing doing its “utmost” to bring nine of its Filipino crew members to safety, after the bulk cargo ship on which they were working was boarded by pirates off Cotonou, Benin during the weekend. The company confirmed that the captain of the Ugland bulker […]

Holmås sees pirates of the Indian Ocean

Development Minister Heikki Holmås met convicted pirates in a Seychelles prison on June 28. Holmås visited the island-state to sign an agreement providing for imprisonment in the Seychelles of pirates detained by the Norwegian frigate KNM Fridtjof Nansen, which is on anti-piracy duty in the Indian Ocean. More than 20,000 merchant vessels pass through the […]

Navy chases pirates again

A Norwegian frigate is back on duty off the east coast of Africa, joining international forces in an ongoing patrol against pirates in and around the Gulf of Aden. Members of Parliament were rushing through legislation this week about where to jail any pirates caught. The plan is to send captured pirates to prison in […]

Surveillance plane goes after pirates

The Norwegian military is once again contributing to the battle against pirates off East Africa, after lots of urging from the shipowners’ lobby. “Finally an Orion aircraft is on its way,” Sturla Henriksen of the Norwegian Shipowners Association, told Aftenposten this week. The shipowners have earlier criticized the Norwegian government for not contributing enough to […]

Cold response to anti-pirate arming

Industry minister Trond Giske’s suggestion to allow private ships to be equipped with armed guards to protect Norwegians from Somali pirate attacks has been met with a lukewarm reception, as responses to the official consultation on the idea were revealed. Giske, a representative of the Labour Party, began a consultation on the issue in March […]

Norway renews anti-piracy effort

After months of fending off criticism over its contribution to international anti-piracy efforts, Norway’s Defense Ministry has decided to send surveillance aircraft to Somalia, to aid NATO’s anti-piracy operation off the coast of east Africa. Norway remains a major shipping nation, and its shipowners have been highly critical that their own government hasn’t been helping […]

Norwegian ships may be able to arm against pirates after all

The Norwegian government is reconsidering a ban against weapons on board ships in its international registry. That means vessels may be able to arm themselves after all, to ward off pirate attacks. The attacks have become increasingly common in the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden off Somalia. Several Norwegian shipowners with vessels registered […]

Shipowner: ‘Shoot the pirates’

A 79-year-old veteran of Norway’s shipping industry thinks the international community and his own country are being much too kind in their dealings with today’s sea pirates off Somalia. He wants to shoot them on the spot. Jacob Stolt-Nielsen, patriarch of the Stolt-Nielsen shipping empire, wrote a commentary in newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) on Tuesday […]

Pirate battle frees Norwegian ship

An adviser at the South Korean embassy in Oslo says South Korea’s military will be willing, if necessary, to attack pirates off Somalia again, after killing eight on Friday and freeing a Norwegian-owned ship. The attack came at a time when the Norwegian government has said it won’t send more of its own forces to […]

Shipowners arm to fight piracy

UPDATED: Norwegian shipowners are beginning to arm their vessels in an effort to fend off pirates on the high seas, especially off the coast of eastern Africa. Seafarers on board the vessels are skeptical, while the government is open to the need for defense. Meanwhile, a former naval vessel reportedly was heading for the area […]