Royals confronted over salmon farms

King Harald and Queen Sonja experienced an unusual end to their six-day state visit to Chile over the weekend, when they were suddenly surrounded by angry demonstrators in the southern city of Punta Arenas. The royal couple took it in stride, with the monarch even claiming that it was a good example of Chile’s hard-won […]

Norway’s young princess grows up

Royalists and government buildings raised their flags, and the royal yacht was sporting its own festive signal flags on Monday. It was Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s 15th birthday, and she topped the palace’s own website. “Gratulerer med dagen, Prinsesse Ingrid Alexandra!” read the congratulatory headline, along with a new portrait of the second-in-line to Norway’s throne […]

Monarch calls for better behaviour

King Harald V dutifully refrained from expressing any political opinions in his annual New Year’s address to the nation. He seized the opportunity, though, to call for better behaviour and more mutual respect among his fellow adult Norwegians. “We must treat one another in a proper manner,” King Harald said in his traditional, nationally televised […]

Royals headed for the holiday hills

Norway’s royal family headed for the hills above Oslo this year, for traditional Christmas holidays at the monarch’s timber lodge called Kongsseteren. They posed for a family portrait before leaving, minus Princess Martha Louise and her family. Like many families, the royals have alternated both locations and which sides of the family they gather with […]

Norway sues US over ‘illegal’ import tax

It’s highly unusual for allied nations to sue one another, but Norway is joining the European Union (EU) in filing a legal complaint against the US’ Trump Administration over its new customs duty on steel and aluminum. Norway claims the import tax violates the rules of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). US President Donald Trump […]

State visit ‘renews’ Chinese friendship

Norway’s King Harald V got some support from Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday, both in the literal and figurative sense. Xi reportedly slowed his pace and helped the 81-year-old monarch up some stairs during state visit ceremonies in Beijing, and confirmed that the two countries are friends again. “With this visit we are renewing […]

King to speak up while in China

Norway’s King Harald V was winning praise after he said he would bring up human rights concerns during a meeting with China’s authoritarian president Xi Jinping this week. Norway’s leader of Amnesty International called the king’s stated intention to be on the offensive “very gratifying.” The monarch, who is on a state visit to China […]

Royals are finally invited to China

The Chinese government kept Norwegian officials in suspense, but have finally followed through on a promised invitation to King Harald and Queen Sonja. The royals will leave next week for a week-long state visit, their first to China in 21 years. It confirms how a diplomatic freeze between Norway and China has thawed, even though […]

Parliament opens to an autumn storm

Amidst all the pomp and circumstance at Tuesday’s opening of Parliament (Stortinget), it was the latter that grabbed most of the attention. Lurking in the background was the sudden change of political circumstances in Norway, and new uncertainty over whether Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s Conservatives-led minority government will survive the autumn’s political storm ahead. It’s already […]

Princess to close her ‘angel school’

Norway’s Princess Martha Louise has been back in the news lately, amid reports of financial problems and new projects. On Thursday she and her partner Elisabeth Nordeng announced on social media that they will end their 11-year business venture that was started “to help people get in touch with their angels.” Founded as Astarte Education […]