Broadcast council cross with ‘Atlantic Crossing’

Norway’s national broadcasting council unleashed some harsh criticism on Wednesday against NRK’s series about the late Crown Princess Märtha’s war years in the US. The council claims NRK and the creators of “Atlantic Crossing” took too many artistic liberties with history, although several members were supportive. The series has sparked sharp debate in Norway as […]

Storm rages over ‘Atlantic Crossing’

An estimated 1 million Norwegians settled down in front of their televisions Sunday evening to watch the latest episode of “Atlantic Crossing,” state broadcaster NRK’s new series about Crown Princess Märtha’s exile years in the US during World War II. Viewers are drawn not only by royal glamour and dramatic war history, but also by […]

King and queen in Corona quarantine

King Harald and Queen Sonja were both in Corona quarantine Thursday evening, after an employee at the Royal Palace in Oslo was confirmed as being infected with the Corona virus. The royal quarantine comes just weeks after King Harald underwent a heart operation and was on sick leave through last month. The 83-year-old monarch just […]

King Harald back at work

Norway’s 83-year-old King Harald V was cleared to go back to work this week, after several weeks of sick leave. He’ll be meeting the foreign minister on Thursday as usual and welcoming several new ambassadors to Norway. The monarch has been in and out of the national hospital Rikshospitalet, suffering from exhaustion and shortness of […]

Royal cousins gain some glory

Norway’s Princess Ingrid Alexandra has followed a royal tradition of taking part in competitive sports. That left her with a junior national championship over the weekend, while her cousin Maud Angelica Behn emerged as Norway’s “bravest woman of the year.” Behn has no royal title herself, but she’s the daughter of Princess Martha Louise, Ingrid […]

King Harald released from the hospital

Doctors at Norway’s national hospital (Rikshospitalet) think King Harald V was doing well enough after heart surgery last week that they released him on Monday. “The king is in good shape,” said the head of the 83-year-old monarch’s medical team, Dr Bjørn Bendz. King Harald left the hospital Monday afternoon in one of the Royal […]

King Harald’s heart surgery ‘went well’

UPDATED: King Harald V was back in the hospital this week after doctors decided that he needed surgery to replace a heart valve. The valve connected to his aorta had been surgically inserted during an operation in 2005, and a new operation on Friday was said to have gone well. The 83-year-old monarch was just […]

Monarch’s sick leave extended

King Harald V won’t be getting back to work just yet. The Royal Palace announced Sunday that the monarch needs more examinations and recovery time after first experiencing breathing problems on September 25. King Harald was admitted to Norway’s national hospital on September 25 but released early last week. He was put on sick leave […]

MP group wants to end the monarchy

Members of Parliament from five separate political parties are behind a proposal to change Norway’s constitution by phasing out the monarchy. They claim that it’s “unfair” for powerful positions to be inherited, and they want to change Norway’s form of government to a republic. Proposals to end the monarchy regularly come up in Norway but […]

King hospitalized, Corona ruled out

UPDATED: Norway’s 83-year-old monarch, King Harald V, was admitted to the national Rikshospitalet Friday morning with what appeared to be a respiratory ailment. The Royal Palace was quick to announce that the Corona virus, Covid-19, had been ruled out, but the monarch was later put on sick leave until October 4. The king had braved […]