Crowds posed no problems for police

Even though an estimated 650,000 people packed the streets of downtown Oslo during the skiing world championships during the past two weeks, police reported no major disturbances and merchants were delighted. Only one drunken brawl among some campers near the ski tracks caused any real concern. “We’re plain and simple impressed over the public at […]

More action at Holmenkollen soon

Even though the Nordic skiing world championships are over, the arenas at Holmenkollen in Oslo where they were held haven’t been idle for long. An estimated 10,000 children, their parents and other supporters took part on Sunday in the annual Barnas Holmenkolldag, billed as the world’s biggest ski festival for children. It’s sponsored by local […]

Sunset over Holmenkollen Ski Jump

A sunset view of the Holmenkollen Ski Jump, seen from Oslo’s northern Sinsen district. After almost two weeks of world championship competition at Holmenkollen, a sense of normalcy returned to Oslo on Monday. As the crowds and athletes went home, the newly rebuilt ski jump remains the capital’s premier landmark. PHOTO: Matt Lato

Sun sets on skiing world championships

After years of preparation and huge investment, the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships (Ski-VM) were suddenly over on Sunday after 12 days of competition. It’s generally agreed the major event turned into a huge party the likes of which many claimed only the Norwegians could host, because of their deeply rooted passion for cross-country skiing. […]

Ski-VM ends on final golden note

Norway’s Petter Northug did it again on Sunday, skiing his way to another gold medal in the tough 50-kilometer race in front of more than 100,000 cheering fans in Oslo. Russia’s Maxim Vylegzhanin was less than two seconds behind Northug in the last event of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships (Ski-VM) at Holmenkollen. And […]

More than 100,000 hailed skiing stars

Oslo police estimated that around 120,000 persons gathered in downtown Oslo Saturday night to watch their winter sports heroes get their medals, after at least 100,000 had lined the ski tracks and filled the arenas at Holmenkollen during the day. The athletes and even the organizers of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships (Ski-VM) were […]

Northug’s stunt offends many Swedes

Petter Northug’s antics as he raced for the finish line at Friday’s men’s relay in the world championships have set off a storm of protest in Sweden, where some called him a “pig” and others claimed he lacked all respect for his competitors. The man he actually beat, though, shrugged it all off and Northug […]

The fog lifted and Norway won again

Skiing champ Petter Northug was at his best on Friday and showed better, if teasing, behaviour. He put on a perfect skiing performance in front of his king, queen, prime minister, former world champions and tens of thousands of screaming fans to secure his relay team’s victory at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships (Ski-VM) […]

Combined team wins another bronze

Norway’s men’s combined team, which includes ski jumping and skiing, ended up with another bronze medal after Friday’s relay and jumping off the large hill at Holmenkollen, and the athletes were disappointed. Austria wound up winning the gold medal, and Germany the silver. Magnus Moan of the Norwegian team said he felt like a pile […]

Ski jumpers try to keep smiling

Their coach had ordered them to smile before taking off from the huge new Holmenkollen Ski Jump in Oslo, but it ended up not helping very much. After doing well in the first round, Norway’s ski jumpers failed to win any medals, which instead were claimed by Austria and Switzerland. Austria emerged as the winner […]